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BAD Dying Drops A Fresh EP

A new release from BAD Dying brings out an Eclectic array of soundscapes that come together to create a sort of cinematic tonality built with guitars, keys and synths, and beats but throughout it all you're able to start painting visuals in your head as you're listening.

The Modern Era EP consists of three songs, each one with its own personality filled with its textures and sounds as the music unfolds and I enjoyed how vast some of these songs came through.

One of the things I love most about this record is how distant each song can be from the other in terms of the sound and the approach because some songs have a funky or undertone while other ones have a more electronic undertone but no matter what you're getting something unique each time.

They all do you have that cinematic feel with a great array of instrumentation involved both natural and digital which is quite hard to mix properly when you think about it.

It takes a lot of time and expertise to be able to mix natural and digital instrumentations together and have everything sound confluent and smooth but here it's done in such a unique approach that it works wonders.

The songs have little grooves and surprises around the corners, layers that can be peeled back, and a lot of character.

It's easy to get into songs that tell certain stories musically so that you can fill in the gaps with your mind almost like reading a good book.

You get some great detail here and you can tell making this record was a lot of fun and maybe the artist was just in his zone the entire time.

And that element comes through in the music pretty clearly as does the fact that this artist has a real love for the craft of songwriting building, and recording.

This was a really fun record that was created with a lot fewer boundaries than he would think and because of that, it creates an atmosphere that you can step in and out of at free will.

Some of this stuff does give you a little sense of nostalgia and that's something that depends on the listener of course but for me sometimes sounds and synth tones made me think of old-school video games for example and I enjoyed that.

The beats are really good as well because they're blended cleverly a lot of times and bounce off of the instruments themselves so when they disappear and come back it's always a pleasant surprise.

You can tell that this is going to be an artist that has a lot more under his belt and upon thinking that, I wouldn't ahead and took a deep dive into his catalog on Spotify and was pleasantly surprised at the mass amount of releases that I found and how different each one was from the last.

There's always a little bit of a consistency there but these releases speak volumes for how the artist can change his approach from track to track or release to release which is a beautiful thing.

A lot of these releases were very well thought out and showcased an artist who has an amazing time producing songs and will probably never stop.

This is what we need more of in the world of music right now.

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