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At The End

At The End is the solo metal music project of Dave Shank, and The Depleted Self is his debut album. Shank had played guitar in his former bands, AFO and Adorn, but had always wanted to create a strictly solo metal project, with himself performing all the instruments and singing vocals. Starting in 2017, he began researching recording and building his studio. Starting in October 2020, Shank began writing music for The Depleted Self. While this is not a concept album, there are prominent themes across all of the tracks. Written mostly from the first person’s perspective, many tracks detail the inner thoughts of a man who is at war with himself. Filled with anger and rage about the world he sees, he imagines exacting his own version of justice and retribution, all while struggling with the morality of his fantasies. While dealing with his unbridled inner turmoil, he contemplates his own life and what value he has to society.

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