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Anelda brings the Seasonal Joy with "They Looked Up" EP

In the spirit of the season, Anelda has released a beautiful and pop oriented Christmas EP called They Looked Up.

The record has a contemporary feel and is loaded with catchy and colorful vocals, horns, guitars, bowed strings, and plenty of love.

With her own unique take on some classics, Anelda bathes each song in her smooth and dream-esque vocal approach and brings a freshness to each one that feels warm and inviting.

You can feel the heart that was put into this release and how much she must have longed to do this.

There is a mature style in the songwriting but also a youthful energy on almost every single track that displays the artists joy for writing pop music and performance.

Each song has a different feel to it but it all comes together incredibly well.

These are all radio worthy and wonderful renditions along with a new favorite called "Santa Bring me Love". One of the most pop feeling tracks onteh record and really gets your spirits up.

This whole EP makes you want to go out to the mall and get a peppermint hot chocolate. Start shopping for friends and family.

This touching and perfectly woven record is here in perfect timing.

Delve into They Looked Up by Anelda.

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