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An Interview With King Brian

A massive new single from King Brian gives off such a colorful and honest pop vine that intertwines with an alluring R&B feel and it's matched with a production that boasts quite a heavy-handed energy that grows and builds into the chorus, so everything hits just right.

"Heroes In Love" has an impactful undertone and it touches on this cinematic and driving feel that really shines as it's lined with edgy synths that remind you of classic dance pop styles and this all exists beneath sets of vocals that showcase some real heart and love for the craft.

There is a lot of layers to this pop song, but it all works so well it's crazy. The song is truthful, straight forward, and paints quite a picture with a colorful palette and a unique combination of genre's that are all mended together and woven with a graceful touch.

This was truly a vision of a song. You can tell it grew into what it was but certainly had a vision as well that it was born from, and it feels like that vision was met.

This release remains very moving and has that impactful approach that you just get from those vocals bursting with emotional drive and a genuine tone. You can tell this as all from someplace real.

We need more music like that. More artists like King Brian that can take experience and emotion and spin it into songs that are memorable.

With such a wonderful release, we wanted to touch base with King Brian to find out where this came from and what may be next for the artist.

Here's what happened.

RAG: Okay so let's start with the "Heroes In Love". This song had a cinematic and genuine feel to it! Where did this single come from?

Thanks! “Heroes in Love” actually came from a much older song that I never finished or titled back in 2015. It kept biting at me to finish it, so I decided to resurrect the song last year and finally complete it successfully. The concept from the song came from my love of fantasy, mixed with my romantic mind. Despite my appearance, I’m actually the “hopeless romantic” type that people talk about. Whenever I write a song, I actually see it visually in my mind as a story before I translate it into song form, which helps me give the songs I write a cinematic feel. Plus, everything I write comes straight from the heart, so I’m glad that it comes across as genuine. I can even say that this song wrote itself through me. I feel like I channeled this song after sitting down for a bit and just listening to the beat. This concept and feeling behind this song needed to be birthed and expressed in real life, and it came through me.

RAG: So how did this all begin for you? When did you fall in love with music really?

I discovered that I could sing when I was about 4 years old, and I began writing rap songs off and on when I was about 13 years old. I’ve always loved music for as long as I can remember, but I actually wanted to pursue a career as a medical scientist at first, believe it or not. It wasn’t until I turned 23 or so that I truly started to view music above other potential career paths, and started to fall in love with it so to speak. I realized from then on, that music in all its forms was a part of me that I couldn’t ignore, and I definitely couldn’t waste my talents just sitting on it.

RAG: Who is in your headphones right now?

Besides myself? Ha. Kidding. Well, some of my favorites include newer artists, slightly older artists, and old-school artists. Currently, artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Chris Brown, NBA Youngboy, and Lil Durk are a few of the artists that I listen to regularly or semi-regularly. I listen to a lot of pop, trap/hip-hop, and R&B music the most, but I actually like many different types of music as well. I can’t even lie. I also bump some video game or anime music. Final fantasy, and certain RPG themes are dope to me.

RAG: What inspires you to write a song?

I love the art of storytelling, wordplay, and singing, so songwriting just comes naturally to me. To be more specific, just expressing myself, my true thoughts about life, love and society, and what I want to happen one day in love are my main inspirations for writing songs. I find music to be a great tool for self-expression, and almost therapy for getting my emotions and thoughts out of me. I also get inspired to write songs about situations or meeting certain types of people that I imagine becoming real.

RAG: I'm hearing some great styles on this record. Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

My biggest musical influences are Tupac, Michael Jackson, and Prince, because they’re literally the first 3 artists that I’ve heard growing up. I’m inspired by Pac’s charisma, personality, honesty and presence, Prince’s intricate musical style and passion, and MJ’s amazing singing and dancing abilities. They influence me in the sense that I aspire to be as genuine, strong, and honest as Tupac was, develop and show musical genius like Prince, and touch the hearts of millions like Michael Jackson one day. You may not necessarily hear their styles, but I relate to each of them in the different ways I mentioned above. I also have to give an honorable mention to Robert Johnson the blues musician. He's one of the musicians who inspired me to want to play the guitar.

RAG: What are you doing when you're NOT working on music?

When I’m not working on music, I’m imagining a musical sequence or beat in my head, thinking about working on music, or writing an epic film. But really, I like to work out, write, go out in nature, watch cartoons, and socialize whenever possible. I’m an audio engineer, so I do a good amount of mixing/mastering on podcasts in my spare time as well. I’m learning the guitar currently, and I like to play the guitar. I do like to play basketball as well, and I'd enjoy playing any sports with the right people. I really like the paranormal too, so I tend to watch a lot of videos/movies about ghosts, unsolved mysteries, aliens, etc. I’m working on a new groundbreaking self-book as well that demystifies the so-called “law of attraction.” The book should be coming out by roughly, December (2022), January (2023), or February (2023).

RAG: Would you say live performances are a big part of what you do?

I’ve had limited performance experience so far, but I definitely want to and will be doing MANY live performances in the future as I develop and come out of this musical shell. I do love to perform and really vibe with the audience, and I’ve been gradually gaining additional experience in this regard through acting. Later this year and early next year, I’ll be doing open mics, and any gigs that I can find to perform and sing live. I aspire to perform in Las Vegas one day as well.

RAG: This song feels like a big undertaking, is there any advice you'd give to other up and coming artists out there?

Yes. Stick with it, and don’t give up. DO NOT WAIT OR PROCRASTINATE. That was one of my biggest mistakes, but luckily, you never lose unless you quit. Practice your craft regularly, and stay focused on perfecting your music, image, and social skills. Seek out mentors and people who are experienced in what you need. You are not an island, and your worst mistake is trying to stay and work alone as an artist. You may not see immediate success, but don’t let that discourage you. Anything worth having is worth working for, and no great city or movement was built in a day. You never know who’s watching you to see if you’ll keep it up, or if you’ll stop. So don’t stop. Slow progress is better than no progress.

RAG: What can your fans expect from you in the near future?

My newest single is an R&B and pop banger titled, “Gotta make it,” and it’s set to be released by mid-November of 2022 at the latest. But I’m aiming for around the end of October. This is just the beginning for me, so you can expect to see and hear much more from me starting this month and onward. You should check out my Youtube ( and Tik Tok pages for my main videos, and my IG and FB for all other types of content, merch announcements, etc. I’ll be doing giveaways, live streams, and more before the end of the year, and then ramping up from there.

RAG: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

To anyone out there that likes or loves me or my music, thank you so much for the support and I love you back! Be sure to hit me up on social media, because I want to see and interact with everyone that I can. To that special person that may be watching, no I didn’t give up, and I never will. It’s only just the beginning for me. King Brian will be a household name.

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