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An Intense Single Release From Martila

A new single release from Martila breeds of vast and edgy soundscape that blends together elements of post-punk, industrial, and metal to create an atmosphere that surrounds you and engulfs you with a growing and intense approach.

"Dead Birds Flying" has a unique way of swelling and swaying bringing such lush builds and blending textures together all with this dark and almost gothic undertone and edginess that creates a staple sound for the band itself.

This track is cinematic and has such a full-bodied and almost emotionally driven tonality which blends heavy and hard-hitting guitars with synth pads and keys that go right alongside vocals that provide a gritty melodic feel and it all works together in such a forward moving way that it's undeniable.

One of the things I love the most about this track is its changes and how progressive the song actually is because the deeper you go into the track the more intense it seems to get and that's when it really starts wrapping itself around you to keep you where it wants to.

The guitar work and drumming on this track especially are outstanding but it really has a lot to do with the keys because that's the thing that adds more of the melodic hooks musically.

I do have to say, I have missed any kind of music with musical hooks. There's plenty of tracks out there with great choruses and vocal hooks and this one has those as well, but musical hooks are something that I feel have been missing especially in heavier music for quite some time, so it was really refreshing to hear that here.

I also really enjoyed the blend of metal subgenres that this goes into because at times it gets old school and I really love that as well.

There are both synths and guitars that provide notes and sounds that float through the songs ether and build on that vastness and that atmosphere even more and this lets the song be a form of escape for the listener.

When you listen to this track you get pulled in and you are no longer paying attention to your own reality, and I think that certain music is really made to do that.

There was certainly a lot of attention to detail during the creation and tracking of the song however, it never loses that character or persona that it starts off with in the first place and that in itself may be the most important aspect about the whole thing.

This didn't just come in swinging.

The song has a bit of a slow burn and cinematic build in the beginning that intros everything then explodes to that heavier sound.

It's such an edgy combination of genres blending together and making something that has feeling behind it and it's not just all aggression.

This was very well woven and thought out and obviously came from people that have a real love for their craft and I don't just mean their instruments. I mean creating a song together.

This is a track that makes you think and makes you feel and the only thing that pushes the envelope even more than the music itself is watching the music video alongside with it.

The video shows flashes of different scenes that help build on that intensity and push the meaning behind the song a little bit further.

There are hints of chaos and madness, but it is all put together in a certain format so that it does indeed have that forward moving flow.

This was quite brilliantly done, and I will be keeping an eye out for whatever comes from Martila next.

I'm going to give this an 8 out of 10 hands down and I suggest that the first time you listen to the song, you do it by watching the video because it really just shows you the bands presence and push for uber creativity which is an amazing thing these days.

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