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An Intense single and beautiful album from Violin Shredder

A new single released from Violin Shredder delivers a heavy and hard-hitting metal soundscape that's coated and shredding violin and the energy level between the performers throughout this project is stellar as the track becomes incredibly infectious and gives you changes and progressions that hit differently each time.

"All Will Perish" is a massive track and has such a great combination of edginess and beauty at the same time which is an atmosphere that has layers to it and once you're there you kind of don't want to leave.

Having said that, there are some surprises around the corners of this track and the violin performance throughout the entire thing adapts to the character of the song as it plays on.

It all has a persona that changes. It can be haunting, shredding, elusive, beauteous, and so much more but for me, what hit hardest was this texture combination between the heaviness and distortion of the metal guitars and the tonality of the violin itself.

These are the kinds of things that have to be paid attention to, especially in the recording in the mixing process and it's because the dynamic balance of tones between those two elements alone can be difficult to melt together but here, they do it all without a hitch and it sounds completely natural.

This has such great levels of intensity, sways, and swells so that the whole track has this essence of being alive and breathing in a way.

This was crazy to listen to the first time around so I had to listen to it a few more times in a row to soak everything in because at times a lot is going on and you want to go back so you can catch certain parts again in the first place.

The ideal and approach to creating a piece of music like this is so outside the box but at the same time was executed so well that it feels like something that you listen to normally.

It's clear that Violin  Shredder has a true love for the craft and that is not just limited to playing the violin Alone. This has a lot more to do with incorporating that soundscape into other forms and songs.

Upon listening to this single I had no choice but to do a little bit of a deep dive into the back catalog of the artist and I'm certainly happy I did so because there is certainly plenty to soak in in terms of releases.

This track is part of a full-length album entitled Corruption and the entire LP encapsulates completely different feels, approaches, emotions, and even song styles and approaches.

There's a lot of character and persona delivered with this album so I would suggest popping on some headphones when digging into this particular set of musical pieces.

This stuff is powerful, impactful, cinematic, moving, emotionally driven, and avant-garde sometimes.

I'm going to give not only the song but this album a straight-up 9 out of 10.

Beautiful work that takes a lot of passion to build and put together.

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