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An Impactful Single Release From Wiser Time

A new single release from Wiser Time brings out an inspirational and uplifting classic rock undertone soundscape that feels alive and breathing with a very particular energy that comes through subtly but definitely has a powerful backbone.

"All Fired Up" brings out a vast and sort of spacious atmosphere that you can float along with, but it also has this energy that pushes it forward and gives it a slight edginess as well which I absolutely dig.

The track features real deal classic rock guitar solos and some keys that float through the song's ether giving it that almost cinematic tonality at times alongside soulful vocals that really grab you.

This track has heart behind it and boasts a massive character as well and that's the thing that you end up becoming so attached to so quickly.

This was lush but had all the elements of songs that you've been listening to for decades.

You can certainly hear this track on a classic rock radio station in a major city anytime and that aesthetic is nailed here but he does it in a particular way so that it combines that old-school and vintage vibe with a newer one as well and that's really what gives it it's brightness and attraction as well.

One of the things I loved about this track was the fact that you can take it in a few different ways because lyrically he's all fired up, there's energy there and there's a purpose, but it also talks about how this could be good or it can be bad, so there are layers that can really be peeled back in terms of the lyrics of the track and when you first listen to it you have to soak it into understand that.

I listened to the song quite a few times and it never got old.

That energy level is so dynamically balanced because again, it has an impactful feel and it has meaning, but it also comes through with such a smooth and almost floaty undertone and that has a lot to do with the synths and keys used to keep the song in that state of flow.

What this song does for me is make me think and I like music that makes you think or makes you feel because that's what we need more of, and not just in the world of rock, but in the world of music in general.

You can tell this was created by someone who has a true love for the craft, and I don't just mean the instruments played like guitar or keys, I mean the craft of songwriting and putting something together that has a drive and has a meaning or a message.

The delivery of everything in this track has a certain tastefulness to it where nothing's really over the top but you still feel a lot of that soulfulness and that passion behind the song and the performances.

You can clearly tell that there are a lot of different influences coming into play throughout this single and that it was written and performed by a sort of old soul who shines as a seasoned musician.

Again, it's the character, the presence, the soul, the heart, and the balance of drive and energy that makes this song hit the way it does.

I'm going to give this a 9 out of 10 hands down.

I would also suggest after listening to this track that you take a little bit of a deep dive into the back catalog of wiser time because there's plenty to swim through there and a lot to love.

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