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An Honest And Vast Single From Hans Garcia

A new release from Hans Garcia comes through as a vast and honest and youthful soundscape that has a beautiful and flush forward-moving flow that hits with a natural undertone and an almost cinematic vastness.

"Outgrown / Friends" has a little bit of a 90s underground indie rock vibe going on and contains this huge sort of ambiance that lets it also feel somewhat dreamlike and this is what gives it all this character.

A lot of the other parts of the persona and character that comes out of this song of course come from the lyrics and how honest they are and up front they hit.

The track is big and really is indeed two songs spun into one because the second half of the song changes rhythms, becomes an acoustic endeavor, and grows into a different sort of indie rock approach.

I love this because you rarely ever hear one piece of music that's separated into two songs but all at the same time the second part of the track or the second song If you will, hence back at the first track as well chorus-wise.

So, in the end it all comes back to where it started even though the song is progressive and changing which is something that is sort of a rarity so when you hear it it's refreshing.

Personally, I think this is a really smart style of songwriting because it keeps you engaged with everything and it's outstanding how natural and seamless, he was able to pull this off.

I love a song that makes you feel and makes you think, and this is one of those, but it also takes you to a different place and there's something about it that's strangely nostalgic almost like this song could have played as a soundtrack to a chapter in your own life at some point.

This also gets you attached to it even more.

The music is so floating and drifting that you're easily able to get engulfed in it and when everything changes into the second part you kind of get taken back and start paying more attention to the lyrics again.

Everything here was gracefully done, and I am astounded by this youthful undertone from where the song is coming from and what the song is about but also by the maturity and songwriting that this has as well.

There are a lot of memorable parts to this track that stick with you for hours after the song has ended and when you listen to it you are in a completely different place and kind of forget about your surroundings for a little bit.

You have to love a song that lets you escape into it like this one does.

I think my favorite aspect about it is that actual character because you know that the song came from someplace real like life experience and the emotion that comes with it, so it makes everything authentic and relatable.

The guitar work across the board is beautifully done and the whole track has this balance between a vast polished feel but also a slightly low-fi approach that combines and creates this perfectly balanced atmosphere.

Beautiful song if you ask me and if you're someone who loves classic indie rock and new school dream pop then this is a great song for you because it contains both of those things and it's all executed incredibly well.

Check this track out as soon as you get a chance and do it with headphones on so you can really soak it in.

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