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An Honest and Southern Kissed Single from Caleb Gamble

A recent single release from Caleb Gamble has a sentimental and warming approach that comes through in the form of a southern kissed country rock single and it's all done with this tasteful feel and this song ends up letting you just get engulfed in it.

"Long Shot" there's quite a beautiful song and the lyrics can be so descriptive that you can paint vivid pictures in your head at different times throughout the song, and this is a wonderful thing because it's almost like reading a chapter in a book where you get some detail so your imagination kind of puts the empty pieces in place and I think music that triggers that sort of thought process in your mind even subconsciously, is a beautiful thing.

This is a very honest song and gives you a little insight to who Caleb is as a person and I adore songs that bring that element of character into play so strongly that you want more of it when the song is over.

The guitar work across this track is outstanding and there's a solo in there that's just so perfectly done and performed with a soul and passion just as much as the vocals are so the entire song has this incredible delivery to it.

This is the kind of track you could easily hear on the radio station or even in a film because it does actually have this almost hand to making cinematic backbone to it especially at the choruses.

The track has such a flow, and the arrangement has a lot to do with that.

The very first time I listened to it I knew that there was a lot of thought that went into the creation of this track but even with all of the attention to detail involved, it never loses that persona or the heart that it started off with in the first place and that might be the most important aspect of the whole thing.

Not only is the song super relatable but it also feels like it could have been part of the soundtrack of a chapter of a certain point in your own life and that in itself is sort of like a gift because you don't get it often.

There's tons of connectivity and I think that character is really what you get attached to right from the get-go.

It's artists like Caleb that make me wonder how people can articulate their emotions and thoughts into words of music that way because we all have these sort of stronger pulling emotions or thoughts that we want to be able to express but just don't know how so when you hear an artist like this you're kind of in awe a little bit.

The production on this track is damn near perfect and it's got those elements of both rock and country mixed together but neither of those two things are overdone so it's got such a well-balanced dynamic musically, performance-wise, instrumentally, and even texturally.

The main thing though is that the song has a lot of heart and clearly comes from someplace genuine so you know it's authentic and that is something that has a strange way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

This is a wonderful track and I will be keeping a close eye on Caleb Gamble from here on out to see what else is coming up.

Definitely take a listen to this track as soon as you can.

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