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An Honest and Personal Single from Esther Ling

A new single release from Esther Ling delivers a very personal approach with lush honesty and a beautifully melodic performance by all parts that gives some insight into her life as it touches on memories that seemingly haunt her.

"Pink Walls" deals with personal struggles of childhood that stuck with her through her adult life and the song is very emotionally driven and feels like it was even cathartic for the artist to write and release because of how incredibly personal it actually is.

A song like this is important not just because for the artist she's letting something off her chest and talking about a particular thing that affected her growing up but for the listener some of us might have gone through similar things and by hearing a song like this we realize we're not alone.

This is part of the beauty of a track like this and also part of the beauty of utilizing your art to be completely expressive with no boundaries or walls up because that's what any art form is really all about and a lot of art is about pain and things that causes pain.

For Esther, this was something she probably just needed to do and the only way she was able to talk about it to the best of her ability was to articulate into words and music which to me is mind-blowing because a lot of us don't know how to articulate like that especially when it comes to emotions or feelings, memories or struggles.

This is such a connective song and I think that it's beautiful how there is an actual light at the very very end of the tunnel through all the pain and all the struggling, all the bad memories.

She sees a light and a cloud lifted.

So, it goes through all these emotions and memories with such vivid detail that you can actually picture some of the stuff in your head and if you're someone who experienced anything similar it really has a heavy effect on you.

This clearly feels like a song that was a passion project and has heavy meaning for the artist.

The music is beautifully woven and has a bit of a cinematic backbone, a little bit of a vast undertone, and some soulful moments especially guitar-wise but it's her singing and what she says that really grabs that he even puts you in a certain place.

This track has an amazing ability to wrap itself around you and you end up getting washed away with it all.

But maybe that's part of the point.

Songs like this make us all think and feel even if we didn't go through the same particular struggles.

In my opinion we need more music like this because it's supposed to make us feel something and the way that Esther releases her inner demons like this is outstanding and should be a blueprint for any kind of artist to follow.

This is amazingly open, it's got character, personality, honesty, and detail that sticks with you for hours or even days after the song has ended.

Beautifully crafted and wonderfully performed, definitely give this song a listen as soon as you can and see if it affects you the same way it did me.

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