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An Honest and heartfelt album from Gedalya folk rock rabbi

A pretty moving and impactful album release from Gedalya Folk Rock Rabb is a shining example of how we should all learn to expect the unexpected sometimes.

The record simply dubbed Album 2022, is packed with emotionally driven sentiments, powerful changes and a cinematic undertone that creates quite a wonderous atmosphere.

The songs are certainly folk rock but there are some really great guitar solos and additional edginess from time to time along with southern twang in the form of lap steel and other instrumentation that end up really pushing the songs to a new level.

The songs are very personal for the most part and there is this straightforward honesty in there that ends up being quite relatable. You get it. You understand what he's saying and it makes you think.

It's excellent to hear such a diverse and massive soundscape coming at you with heart and meaningful messages and all with this amazing output of professional musicianship that really helps these become as dramatic and theatrical as possible.

The songs on this release serve almost as chapters in one man's life based on experiences and emotions. These tracks are recollections and visions. They're memories and a way of being true with himself.

You can hear the heart that went into the record and the way this must have been a for of relief for the artist.

Some artists want to get things off their chests and song is the only way they know how. That's when you get great records like this one.

Now, there are songs you can dance to, songs that are bright and fulfilling. There are songs that feel great to listen to not because you relate but because they feel so positive and fun.

This was quite a truthful and beautiful folk-rock album from Gedalya and we suggest diving into this one.





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