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An Honest and Emotionally Driving Single from Modern Day Icarus

A new single release from Modern Day Icarus delivers a very unique brand of character and honesty as it comes through with a vast and sort of expansive feeling soundscape a way of growing into something all while keeping to this emotionally driven approach that makes the song incredibly authentic and impactful.

"The Sounds of My Mind" has a very straightforward style regarding the lyrics. They are descriptive and genuine to the point where you know all of this came from someplace real and that makes it all the more powerful in the long run as the track takes on what feels like an alternative rock tonality but in a subtle and ever-growing sort of way.

This track certainly has a cinematic backbone to it and it starts off subtle which gets you paying attention to the lyrics a lot, and this is what delivers all of that character and personality I mentioned earlier.

This is the kind of thing you end up getting attached to.

You have these almost dripping clean guitars with delay on them give the effect of floating through an atmosphere and this helps that expansive soundscape take shape but the deeper into the song you go the more it starts to build with a little bit of extra instrumentation like light percussion for example.

The vocal approach throughout these parts is soft and feel again, very personal like someone's leaning in and whispering something into your ear and this is because the song has a lot to do with the struggle with certain aspects of your inner thought.

If you really listen carefully, this is very relatable because the singer is giving a piece of himself so it's all out in the open and as he's doing this, he's saying things that you yourself have thought at certain points but the beauty of this is an artist like this knows how to articulate that into words and music.

This is where it becomes very connective because we all have certain kinds of thoughts, struggles, emotion, and so on. We just don't all know how to express it so when you hear a song like this to certain people it could really help them feel like they're not alone in their thoughts.

The song builds and builds with that same vastness ever growing until finally it explodes into an alternative rock fire, and this is where it finally gets its release and hits that pinnacle of where it's been leading up to the entire time.

When it gets to this part you have heavier guitars, edgier sounds, and a harsher approach and that's because the whole first part of the song is a bit solid and trapped because that's the feeling behind it but when it gets to that explosive alternative rock and, it turns more into a little bit more aggression which comes with the territory of the song itself.

This was a massive piece of music and in a way, it was a very intense escape because when you listen to it you end up getting pulled away from your surroundings and put it to someone else's head for a chunk of time and that is a lot of emotion, so you get pulled into it.

You get engulfed in it and the atmosphere that surrounds it.

This was an alternative rock piece of music but there's a lot of layers to it and it's got depth so when you listen to it, I would suggest you do so with headphones so you can soak in all the things happening musically throughout the track.

This makes me think of certain kinds of alternative bands of the late 90s and early 2000s for example, you can hear those kinds of influences in the music of this track itself, but they also are doing it their own way and bringing other influences to the table as well.

This track has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to. 

But don't just take my word for it, have a listen for yourself and see how it affects you. 

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