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An Honest and Drifting Single from Wavey Days

A new single from Wavey Days delivers an honest and flowing indie pop tonality that comes complete with drifting guitars and descriptive lyrics that let you paint pictures in your head, and it all comes with a certain level of heart and character that you end up really growing attached to you by the end of the song.

"In Good Time" is a very personal track and the artist has a way of creating an atmosphere with the music so that it wraps itself around you and keeps you right where it wants to all with this particular vastness and its undertone and in almost cinematic backbone at times.

What really got me about this track is that it obviously came from someplace real and serves as a certain chapter in the artist's life and I think that's a brilliant thing because music like this is made for expression and I feel like listening to artists like this one leaves me a little bit in awe simply because a lot of us have strings of thought or emotion but don't exactly know how to articulate it into words let alone words and music so when you hear something like this it hits a certain way because it's so incredibly relatable.

The aesthetic of this song is completely nailed, and it has a sort of dreamy effect to it with those guitars that have a classic indie pop tonality but also remind you of things like post punk at times and vocals that are doubled the entire time which adds to the sort of subtlety that they give off.

There's a lot of pop overtone on this track and like I said before, it's the persona that lets the song hit the way it does because when I listen to the song it causes certain memories of my own to pop into my head and that's a nice connection to have with any kind of music.

The whole tone of the track has a certain warmth to it as well, and one of the things that really works with this track is the mix because with a song like this, there are layers of guitars that at a certain texture especially when they're layered on top of each other or bounce off of each other with which they do both of rhythmically during this track, and the drums are live or at least it seems that way and, so having all this instrumentation mixed in along with vocals that sit perfectly atop everything but not overpowering is important for the songs aesthetic to come through the way it was meant to.

This was a vivid indie pop single that tells a story and if you listen to it might affect you the way it affected me.

I feel like songs like this might have been cathartic for the artist to create and release because it seems like he had to get this off of his chest and he did so in the way he knows how, through his music.

For the listener, however, it's just so relatable and understandable that it all makes perfect sense.

Check this song out when you get a chance and listen to it with headphones so you can soak everything in because it does have that vastness that I mentioned earlier and see how it affects you.

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