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An Experimental Electronic Release from Austin Oting Har

A new double single release from Austin Oting Har brings out a vast and droning but ambient and edgy soundscape with electronic tones and textures that bend and shape at free will all with this sort of cinematic consciousness that has a way of conjuring certain kinds of emotion while you listen.

"The World Between Worlds" comes through with a spacious and almost sci-fi feeling approach that has a way of sort of swelling and building as you listen, and this puts you in a sort of trance-like state at times, but it also keeps to that haunting undertone that I mentioned earlier as it does have a slight eeriness to it and a way of crawling under your skin.

This track feels like running on an open desert land away from something that's chasing you and the way that it's built has intensive growths but then waves of calmness that feel like it's delving into your subconscious and in a way, it makes you think of certain things in your head, and it also makes you paint these pictures vividly somehow.

The sonic presence of this truck alone is really swelling and swaying so there's an aspect about it that feels almost like it's alive and breathing and when it's over you feel as if you just watched an intense scene of a science fiction film.

The second track called "Ataraxia" is even more intense and feels more like a drone-style electronic track, but it also delivers that same sort of vastness and open feel, but you still get that feeling that something is chasing you and you need to get away from it because it has that sort of scariness to it.

Listening to both of these songs feel like watching a scene of a play or something and it's because they do have that cinematic and very theatrical sort of feel to them and that is attributed to the way that they actually swell like that and grow in that intensity.

Both tracks are beautifully constructed with a sort of creative freedom that you seldom hear these days and so this experimental type of electronic creation is something that breeds thoughts and scenes in your head without even trying which I find very connective and very cool.

This is definitely outside the box in terms of songwriting and composition, but it's done with a sort of heart and soul that breeds the Fantastical and this is something that I adore about the track because the fence has to go part of it happens in your imagination while you're listening to this.

Check this record out with headphones so you can really just get sucked into everything and see how it affects you.

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