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An EP Release From Dark Satellite

An EP release from Dark Satellite brings out a refreshing combination of rock tonalities that lend to different approaches in songwriting but manage to come together with an intense fire behind it and an energy that's completely unstoppable from beginning to end.

The Death of a Classic EP completely Embraces an alternative undertone math rock soundscape with surprises around the corners including incredibly cinematic breakdowns and expansive sections that keep you expecting the unexpected which I find to be quite a beautiful approach.

This is one of those records where every individual instrument and player involved makes the band's staple sound and what I mean is, if one person was missing from this equation, it just wouldn't work.

But everything is so perfectly in place and done with so much heart and intensity that you get immediately sucked into the vibes.

The guitar work to me personally, is the most outstanding aspect of this record because there's so much going on, but it all has such a natural forward-moving flow and wonderfully melodic style.

The bass lines and tonality are spot on for the record and is able to really help the drive along with the drumming which is completely outstanding the entire time.

I mean, the drummer is always in the pocket but always has a lot of fun doing his thing with all kinds of surprises and tricks of the trade, but it all has that certain kind of character and persona to it and that also is impacted by the vocal delivery.

This is in its own way; a graceful record and the performances are all right there in your face to the point where it almost feels like some of these songs were possibly recorded live on the floor simply because the energies of the players feel like they're feeding off of each other the whole time.

This is very unique and even if I'm wrong about the whole live on the floor thing, it definitely makes you want to see these guys live because of the energies like this on the record, then seeing them live must just be amazing.

There's a lot of attention to detail and a lot of intricate musicianship throughout this whole thing but again, it never loses that character, and it never loses that hard which may be the most important thing of it all.

These guys have their own thing going on and they're paving their own way in the rock arena doing it how they want to which is something that fans should really look up to.

I'm not saying they're reinventing the wheel by any means of course, but they are inventing their own wheel and in doing so they have a voice, and they have a color.

There are loads of classic rock influences embedded in the layout of these tracks and they just take things to a level all their own, but it's always done with this dynamic balance, so it works so well.

These guys obviously have a complete love for their craft and they're a set of musicians that have a youthful energy but a maturity which makes for a great combination.

These tracks are addicting, alluring, different, slightly outside the box, and created with fewer boundaries than some of the predecessors that came before.

This is what we need in rock music right now.

I would give this a 9 out of 10 and I feel like Dark Satellite is a band that you should be keeping an eye out for.

I know I will be after this record.

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