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An EP from Foxlin Hits Personal Notes and More

Updated: Apr 20

An upcoming EP release from Foxlin breeds some of his staple sounds that we are all used to but also gives an expansive undertone that not only hits in indie singer-songwriter approach but leans on an experimental vastness along with some heavier tonalities that all get rolled together into one release that certainly has a way of showing a mass amount of personality and inner thought.

The Jekyll & Hyde & Seek EP Works somewhat like a concept record where songs flow into each other at certain points and the whole thing becomes one piece of music in a way.

There are break offs at times but all in all, this is one big chunk of the artist's life being handed over to the public to soak in and relate to in whatever way they want.

What matters is that this was released for the artist himself and we are no strangers to Foxlin so hearing this record was welcoming but also broke down certain walls that I feel like a lot of artists have trouble breaking down in general.

What I mean by that is, not just personal walls and talking about things that affect the songwriter or things that are hard to get off of their chest but also musically as well.

This release spans a wider spectrum in terms of musicality, tonality, and songwriting approach but it works incredibly well because he's still giving pieces of himself with his music.

The first track called Identity, is just an intro track that gives you an open door to what a lot of the record surrounds itself with in terms of lyrics and meaning but if you listen to that intro some of the songs really make more sense.

This goes right into the next track which is the title track of the record, and this gives you a sort of heavier grunge approach with distorted guitars and vocals that sit farther up front so you can hear what he's singing.

This track gives me a sort of Pink Floyd vibe and it brings to mind some of the influences that he takes to the drawing board when he's creating his music although I can say I don't think it's done purposely, I think he just has certain influences come out when they come out.

I feel like songwriting for this artist in particular is just a natural flow.

There's certainly a blueprint because you can't write full songs like this without one, I guess, but, once it starts going it's like an open flow and that's why the songs are so authentic.

This track still has a lot of personal attributes to it but it's just done differently than the rest of the record with that heavy feel to it.

It's also almost 7 minutes long but again, this is the title track of the record and the real brunt of its purpose.

This track is followed by a song called Devil In Me which is also a 7-minute track but is way more cinematic with this atmospheric Ambience to it that draws you in musically and once you're there you're paying attention to the lyrics.

This one feels very personal but then again, they all do.

After that, we have a track called Witch Hunt which brings us back to more of what we're used to from the artist with a rustic but still vast and genuine singer-songwriter approach that brings certain aspects of classic folk into play.

The closing track called Who Am I? is one that grows in intensity as you listen, and the second half of the track is burst open with emotion and a rock backbone with electric guitars and layers of notes that pile on top of each other creating this lushness.

Now, just by looking at the names of these tracks, you can see what this record is going to be about but when you listen to it it's a whole different world and it feels very real.

This whole record was gorgeous and alluring with such a thick persona and it felt like reading a diary.

This is an EP you listen to as a whole, not just one or two tracks.

If you only have time to listen to one song which again, I don't suggest you just listen to one, listen to the title track.

Check this out when it releases this Friday the 19th on all platforms.

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