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An Engulfing R&B Debut From Elliot Horne

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Elliot Horne just gave us a new single that blends some wonderfully deepening ambient tones with a vibrant R&B style and hooks for days to boot. All this with some dreamy undertones and soundscapes.

"Where Would I Be" keeps you floating just above the ground as you feel the music flow around in the air that surrounds you and vocals come through with heart.

The track also boasts some very freeing lyrics that catch your ears and get you paying attention.

This single really showcases the artists ability to write songs that bring a ton of amazing elements together to build a song that feels vast but still right in your face at times.

It's got that free flow approach and there are vocals that scatter throughout the background where he uses his voice as an instrument, and it creates this massive and engulfing sound.

It's all quite impressive but also intriguing. It makes you want to dig a little deeper and when you do, you find out that this is actually Elliot's debut single.

This is incredible seeing that the song is so radio friendly and arranged so damn well.

He is the type of artist to actually keep an eye out for because things will happen.

Already hitting over 40k followers on Spotify alone, Horne is beginning to pave his own way in the pop world and doing it on his own terms.

It's a beautiful thing to watch and hear.

keep your eyes open for more from this Elliot Horne.

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