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An endlessly fun funk-rock release from aliensdontringdoorbells

a new one from aliensdontringdoorbells is a colorful jam of a single that feels like a classic rock influenced sound with organs that flow in the background and guitars that have this funked out rhythm and eventually break into a more rock feel and it all has a great vibe to it.

This is the type of stuff you want to dance to for sure. It's got rhythm and soul to it and the musicianship is outstanding here.

The coolest thing is that the song feels like it was a live recording and the players feed off of each other's energies the entire time. It gives the song this extra life and it hits harder.

Hello 2 You is a double single release that features the title track and another dubbed "Don't Touch" that hits on a touch of blues rock style and the approach is clean but has a killer edge and tonality that crawls under your skin in all the best ways.

These guys are the ones you want to go see live. It soudns liek they'll knock your socks off with thier unique and classic brand of funk and dance rock.

You get hors and all rocking along with backing vocals that have a gospel approach and it really drives the song and brings that energy way up.

Really an incredibly fun and esciting track, this one features saxophone solos, guitar solos, organ solos, and more.

You can dance to this one forever...or as long as it plays for anyway. And you will. Hell, you might even air sax or air guitar during the course of this banger.

A hands in the air, sing along release from aliensdontringdoorbells.

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