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An Electric Single From Maddox Lim of Rooted

Updated: Jan 26

Single release from Maddox Lim of Rooted brings together elements of genuine rock and an edgy yet colorful pop soundscape to create an atmosphere that you can easily get wrapped up in surrounded by and delivered with a lush and robust character.

"Till it's Over" definitely comes from a personal place because the lyrics come across as extremely honest and very upfront which makes me feel like some of this was very cathartic for the artist and band but for the listener it was incredibly relatable as well.

The entire track has such a wonderful mending of textures both natural and digital that can flow with each other and complement each other so well that it gives the song sways and swells that let it feel like it's alive and breathing.

There's a lot of youthful electricity and energy coming through this song, and it feels like everyone involved is feeding off of each other's energies throughout the track which just adds to that presence.

This is all very gracefully done, and the guitar work is outstanding with this great guitar solo before the last chorus that adds such a wonderful layer to the song that you didn't expect.

The entire arrangement of this track is done with a lot of attention to detail as was the track's creation but even with all of that, and never loses that persona or character that it starts with, and I think that may be the most important aspect of the whole thing.

This is a track that means something and has a message behind it, and it's coated in such a bright pop atmosphere that it's hard to look away from.

This is truly done by a group of people that have a pure love for their craft and when I say that I don't just mean the instruments they play or they're singing abilities, I mean songwriting.

They all love the craft of actually writing songs together and making something memorable.

The song introduces itself with guitars that sort of float through the ether of the song along with synth pads that add a huge ambience giving the song a slight dream pop feel in the beginning but then it grows into this whole other thing with additional and creating these hooks that are musical and not just vocal which is something I've missed in all kinds of music for a long time.

I love how this feels like something you'd hear on any major pop radio station in any major city, but it also has this outside-the-box approach to it at the same time as it was created with fewer boundaries than its predecessors.

This is an important aspect of pop music in our time because being able to blend something familiar with something new is a key element to writing pop music that stands out and Rooted has done exactly that with this track.

This feels like a proper collaboration of artistry between Maddox Lim and Rooted themselves and I am looking forward to whatever else they have coming because it's going to have something different about it that's going to make you pay attention from across the room.

I like very much how the track also comes across as almost cinematic in a way like you could easily hear this in the scene of a film or a TV show anytime.

There are some layers to be peeled back and a few surprises around the corners of the single but it is a vivacious and wonderful track that breaks the walls of cookie-cutter pop music.

I'm giving this an 8 out of 10 easily.

Check this truck out as soon as you can.

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