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An Edgy Alt-Pop Banger From Wiesinger

A fresh single release from WIESINGER hits an edgy alternative pop soundscape that blends subgenres along with a heavy-handed swagger in the vocals and all of it delivers such a massive character that you absolutely cannot look away.

"Doom Scroller" is invasively honest and portrayed with a hard-hitting but slightly whimsical approach with distortion on the vocals that let them sort of cut through everything that's happening in the song and it's all backed by this high-energy set of beats that blend in with crunching guitars and it has a way of giving off the vibe of a '90s underground alternative pop banger.

The track is indeed pretty heavy and hits like whiplash so that by the time it's over you just want to listen to it one more time so that you catch everything you missed the first time around.

The thing about it is that it's incredibly catchy as well and you find yourself walking around thinking about the chorus in your head for hours after the song is ended, and to me, this shows the ability to write a hook insanely well because the only way to satiate that is to listen to the song again.

This was fun, and wild, and took a unique set of textures all with an edgy tonality and made them one. It's very electric and vibrant.

There was good attention to detail during the creation of this song but there's also this kind of undertone of looseness in there that gives it almost a grungy appeal, and throughout it all, and never loses that persona or that character so this is what you end up becoming attached to.

I adore the lyrical content of this track because it's so relevant and it pokes fun at social media and how people rely on it and become addicted to it.

That aspect of it is kind of ballsy and part of that feels like it's the truth and they're being honest and maybe they are themselves actually doom scrollers trying to stay relevant and posting nonsense.

I certainly love those hints of truth while poking fun at society because then you're exclaiming that you're one of them that you're making fun of.

Now, of course, I'm not sure that's the truth but either way the delivery on this certainly screams that out and it works so well because it gives the song a certain kind of gritty charm.

This track had elements of industrial, alternative rock, grunge, and tons more just rolled up into a 3-minute banger that makes total sense to just about everybody.

I think we need more songs that bear this kind of honest underbelly talking about things all of us know to be true but don't want to talk about to point out.

We all want to say no, that's not me even though we know it is.

I mean, it's called doom scrolling for a reason now, isn't it?

This was a fresh track that hit like a sucker punch to the gut both musically and lyrically and for me, it was completely refreshing.

In a way made me think of old-school Nine Inch Nails with the mixture of beets and sonically driven guitar tones along with a distorted vocal spewing truths and doing it with attitude.

This was an inventive way to create a hook that sticks with you and for that and a series of other reasons, this track is definitely going to get at least an 8 out of 10.

This is one track that you can turn up loud and it only gets better.

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