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An Anthemic new single release from Around 7

A fresh single release from Around 7 brings together elements of classic and thriving punk with an alternative rock tonality and it comes with a sort of powerful and uplifting message that in a way, lets you feel like you're not alone in certain kinds of struggles as it bursts forward with an anthemic and intense chorus that gives the perfect drive and mentality for you to attach yourself to.

"Will To Survive" features classic punk backing chant vocals and it makes you want to put your fist in the air and sing right along because it feels good, and it has a very infectious sound to it along with an energy that you can soak in from the song.

The guitars are sonically massive especially when it explodes into the bigger sections and the way the song begins lets you in on the level of honesty that is given off as the singer speaks truths that are understandable to a lot of us.

The song has a way of feeling sort of alive and breathing in the sense that it goes from calm to intense and the arrangement of it all makes perfect sense but the soundscape of it gives it a cinematic backbone in its own way and you pick up on that powerful and impactful approach.

The premise of the song is what you end up really connecting with because it has a perfect build and lyrically says things that you have thought in your head before but maybe didn't know exactly how to articulate it outbound but that's part of why bands like this do their thing. It's a way to express genuine inner thought or emotional drive in a way that other people can relate to it and in turn, feel like they are not alone or like they're not the only ones that are feeling that way.

This is a big part of why songs like this one have so much power.  It makes sense to anyone who listens to it.

The alternative rock and punk sound of this track hits perfectly because it packs just enough punch and along with that emotional drive it keeps to that edginess and sticks with that persona throughout the whole thing so that it always speaks truth all the way to the end.

I think that's what people want out of a song that has meaning. They want truth. People want to know that a song like this was written from something genuine and this all clearly was which you can hear with every word sung.

Even the performance vocally really has a certain kind of emotional element to it.

The drumming on this track is stellar and really gives the song the ability to kind of push the envelope a little bit more so that you have an energy that lets all the elements of the song bounce off of each other and complement each other in certain ways.

This is a sort of graceful and truthful punk and alt-rock single that speaks volumes for the band, and I would definitely suggest checking this track out and diving into some of their previous releases as well because they have several outstanding singles and an EP in their catalog that all needs to be hurt.

Check this out when you get a chance, and you will see what I mean.

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