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An Alt-Rock Banger from Human Renegade

A brand-new single release from Human Renegade hits an emotional backbone with a driving alternative rock thrash of a sound that hits a sort of late 90s early 2000s approach with elements of punk rock and its undertone and a lot of impactful vocals that are belting out as guitars whale and drums pound.

"I wrote this song because the thought of seeing you kiss him makes me sick" is one of the most straightforward titles I've heard in a while but it's also a track that delivers this blend of almost animated vocals with a heavy-handed edginess and those two elements come together to create a certain kind of atmosphere that for me, is a little bit nostalgic just because I grew up with music like this and they do make me think of bands like My Chemical Romance for example.

However, having said that, they do have a fresh spin on the genre, and they do bring a youthful energy that feels like a thriving live performance in a way because there are hints of looseness although the song is super tight and there's this element that lets you know they don't take themselves over the top seriously.

This track definitely speaks volumes for the band and it's just as melodically catchy as it is emotionally driven, and all the performances across the board from the instruments to the vocals are done with a certain kind of passion and fire behind it that gives the song a refreshing kind of life.

There's a lot of straightforward honesty in this track lyrically and it feels like it was cathartic for the singer or whoever wrote the lyrics to get this off of his chest because it does hit like a sucker punch to the gut in a certain aspect and I really love that factor.

When I listened to this track it made me want to check out some other releases from the band so I did and upon doing so, I came across some outstanding music including an EP from 2019 and a single release last year that shows this great vastness in anthemic and alternative rock style.

This is a band that once you hear the new single, you'll be keeping an eye out for because they are just able to pull together tracks that have an impact and this sort of youthful vigor and cry out but it's all done tastefully, and with a fierce energy and musicianship that almost makes them sort of old souls in a way.

This was a banger of a track that hits like whiplash and when you're done listening to it you automatically want to play it again.

I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more from Human Renegade soon.

This song gets an 8 out of 10, hands down.

Check this track out and don't be afraid to turn it nice and loud.

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