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An Alluring New Release From Arianna Kant

The new album from Arianna kant gets personal and honest with descriptive lyrics that paint vivid pictures and touch on topics we likely all feel from time to time and is able to let it uout through her songs in such a way that you understand them on a deeper level and as the songs play through, the cinematic and engulfing feel of the record wraps around you and it feels amazing.

The Deep is an album that has a wonderfully stripped-down style that features mostly piano and vocals and songs encompass theatrical tones and soundscapes as she belts on with her alluring and addictive character.

The songs on the release are certainly deep indeed but also have a way of telling stories and they feel pretty real and genuine. They come from someplace real indeed and that shows in pretty much all the songs on the album.

This record will whisk you away to different places as the songs go on and you can let it all soak in easily with her beautiful vocal approach and her sense of songwriting style that showcases a jazz overtone that becomes part of her staple.

Arianna Kant is one of those artists that you know who it is when you hear a song. She is distinctive and songs can reach out and grab at you and your attention.

The artist is a storyteller and it's so easy to not only picture her stories in your head but some of them also cause your own memories to pop into your head as the songs are very relatable.

She takes you through her struggles, and loves, her feelings and emotionally driven pieces that all feel like a live performance.

That one-on-one feeling is strong with this release and its part of her charm.

This is an album to hear in its entirety for sure so you can get an understanding of everything she is living or has lived. Her feelings and thoughts are all laid out for you.

A wonderful delivery from start to finish.

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