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An Album from Dave Curl Reminds Us of How Things Felt

A new release from Dave Curl delivers an almost cinematic and ever-growing rock undertone and a soundscape that has an intensity to it and it all creates an atmosphere that you get caught up in very quickly.

"Lockdown" is an incredibly relatable track because it's about the actual lockdown, the pandemic, and the media feeding us things that we needed to do during that time, and when you listen to the song that whole feeling sort of comes back again so the song does leave its mark the way it was meant to.

The way the track is performed has a very particular tone to it so that not only is it relatable in understandable, but you can feel that pressure and what it was like to be in lockdown watching everything on TV and social media.

How alone we felt and how afraid we were.

All those emotions come back when you listen to the song and it's something that has to be delivered properly performance wise to have that effect take place and Dave does this without a hitch.

Not only does the song have that intensity to it but you get a lot of character from this track, and I think that's something that you end up latching on to as well because it's almost like the song was written just for you at that time even though you know it wasn't.

We all went through a lot during our lockdown, and we had so much to say about it but a lot of us don't have the artistic talent to be able to articulate that into words of music the way someone like Dave does so I'm glad that he took that whole situation and everything that came along with it and put it out into the world the way he did.

This track reminded me that it wasn't just a bad dream and I think that's an important reminder because we don't know what may happen in the future.

The track itself is comprised of a great beat and a lot of amazing guitar work that helps the song feel like it's alive and breathing in a way and the chorus really sticks with you for hours after the song has ended, to say the least but the thing that's outstanding about this is that the track itself is released on an album that takes the music part of the single and the vocal chorus and sort of remixes them into different rap versions of the track itself in seven different languages including English.

So, you have the track in eight different versions with the original leading the way and then the seven other rap versions following.

The languages of the rap versions range from Swiss, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Hindi, and finally the English version.

This is a borderline brilliant idea because I don't think it's been done before and the premise of the song being the lockdown affected everyone around the entire world so having these different versions of it makes sense.

It's like he decided to have this song be open to all these other people all these other countries which is smart and thinking outside the box.

This is something that took a lot of time and collaborative effort but it's amazing how well it works.

Collaborating with different artists for each version of the track aside from the original, each version has a little bit of a different vibe to it as well because of the way the raps are laid out and how the phrasing is put together.

This was beyond intriguing and I enjoyed listening to all the versions because they all have that intensity to them in different ways.

Check this whole record out when you get a chance.

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