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An Absolute Metal Opus from Wreck of Time

A full-length album release from Wreck of Time brings out a pulse pounding and almost cinematic metal tonality that breaks boundaries and thrives with a crazy drive, haunting undertones, and a super tight sound that keeps to being melodic and brutal at the same time.

The From the Sand, Pt. 2 album is massive and portrays a storytelling and theatrical soundscape that wraps itself around you and holds as tight as possible.

The album boasts outstanding guitar work including fierce and fiery leads, all kinds of outside the box riffage, time signatures and changes, and throughout all of this, it lets you step into a whole different world of fantasy and fire.

The record is as lush and as sharp as a metal album can be and gives off such an array of styles, blistering riffs, destructive drumming, and deepening drudgery that becomes quickly engulfing and absolutely fantastic.

Notes bend and weave, and the songs knife through a blitzkrieg of licks and riffs at a speed that grabs at you from all angels.

There are songs that come through a little more straight forward but it's all so much damn fun that you just want to hear more and more of this pure adventurous rock approach.

This is a masterpiece from start to finish and there was so much attention to detail that its almost intimidating at times.

This had loads of heart and such a huge love for the craft of songwriting and performance that it bleeds through onto the rest of your life like scenes from a movie you can't get out of your head.

Wreck of Time showcases what a true fantasy metal album can accomplish. Whisking you away to places above the clouds and to the depths underground all in one record is impressive to say the least.

There is so much happening on this release that it's hard to imagine how much time it must have taken to record this opus of a record.

Some songs blast on past the ten-minute mark and there are total gems on this album that really outlast the rest.

Spontaneous combustion over the course of an hour and a half plus.

Outstanding and mind bending, From the Sand, Pt. 2 will leave one hell of a mark.

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