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Akrotiri Drops a Danceable and Classy Album

An album released from Akrotiri hits several extravagantly vivacious grooves in the form of Soul pop, funk, disco, and electronic along with plenty more all rolled up into one full body and lush release that you will 100% not be able to stop dancing to.

The self-titled release features outstanding baselines and tones for that matter, loads of jiving percussion, eclectic guitar and vocals and the whole vibe of the record just feels good and even at times has this sort of ethereal undertone.

This is a very eclectic record and there are several styles that are touched on throughout its playthrough, but it all has this wonderful color and energy to it that lets it roll forward in an unstoppable manner.

If I were going to have a New Year's Eve party on a rooftop in New York City somewhere, this would be my soundtrack to the whole thing.

This record fulfills such a want and need for a combination of old-school and vintage approaches and tones, with a fresh point of view and an updated vibe.

There is a lot of attention to detail that was put into the creation of this record, but it never loses that character that persona that it starts off with and that may be the most important part of the whole thing.

The energy level across the record is outstanding and you feel like you're watching some sort of live performance because that energy seems to really bounce back and forth between everything, and you become a part of that.

This record is infectious and it's impossible not to dance to. If you listen to it in the car, you'll end up shaking your butt in the seat. If you listen to it at home, you'll end up dancing around the living room.

There's just no stopping it and it's best to just let it take over your body because that's what it was meant to do. This was meant to make you dance and feel good.

It's wonderful to hear a record that has such a classic purpose, and it gets back down to the roots of certain kinds of music like disco, like funk, and more.

There are some tracks that stand out a little bit more as singles but listening to the record as a whole is the way to go here so that you can get the full spectrum of what the record is about.

This has glamor, glitz, so, character, color, and life, and it all makes you want more and more with each track.

There's a certain sort of classiness that this record boasts and I like that as well because it has to do not only with the fidelity of the music but also with the production and the heart that's put into its creation.

You can tell there's a lot of heart in this record and that is one of the most evident things from the first song on.

This was made by a team of people who have real love for their craft and that is part of why these songs come through with such a vibrancy and such a vivacious youthful but pristine drive.

Put this record on and wherever you are, be ready to dance.

I'm giving this record a 9 out of 10 hands down.

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