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A Youthful and Honest Release from Isabella Pombrio

A new double single release from Isabella Pombrio gives off such a youthful and honest portrayal of a chapter in her life that you find yourself getting caught up in the story and how it's told along with her unique character that she delivers throughout the songs.

The out of air EP has a lot to say in a short time and I think that's part of that brilliant and youthful perspective, especially in having to exude so much energy and have so much to say because it's very descriptive but it's incredibly emotionally driven and I think that combination is what makes it so alluring.

The first track is the title track, and that is the main chunk because you get a lot out of the song, and she paints such a vivid picture in your head with certain lines that you can see them as the song is playing which to me is beautiful because it doesn't happen that often.

The other thing is that the songs are incredibly relatable as well and at times it feels almost like they could have been part of the soundtrack of a chapter in your own life so because of that they're very connective.

She has a very passionate vocal performance but it also is sort of fast-moving because it's saying a lot so you get the best of both worlds there and she's got a unique way of doubling up her vocals for certain parts to give them a little bit more impact and this, in turn, makes the song, which is like an acoustic pop track, this air of lo-fi quality but this adds to the aesthetic of the song itself.

When I say that, I don't mean the quality is bad because it's not. It's a great quality track but it gives you the feeling of someone that was sitting in their room recording their heart out on their own, in their little bubble, and this gives the song that persona.

The second track is called "the next part" and sticks to another very personal perspective and is also descriptive enough for you to feel attached to it.

These two songs go together and come from real life experience so they're very authentic as they come through, but I think it's that persona that you get drawn to and can relate to.

The thing with songs like these is that we all have these kinds of feelings but a lot of us don't have a clue as to how to articulate them in a way that we can get them off of our chest or express them so when we hear an artist do it not only lyrically but musically as well it is a little bit mind-blowing at times.

These tracks were beautifully done with a great Indie pop undertone and acoustic backbone, and you feel the personality just oozing out of it with every note and with every passing second.

These are the kind of songs that make you think or make you feel.

They can make memories of your own pop into your head at random and I think that we need music that does that to us.

I think it's important to have music that does that to us.

These songs had a particular way of speaking to me and told vivid stories from emotional perspectives that let the artist just wear her heart on her sleeves which is brave.

I feel like these songs were cathartic for her to wright and release.

Definitely check these out with headphones on so you could really catch all the lyrics and like me, you may listen to them a few times in a row just to do that.

Wonderful tracks.

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