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A Youthful And Genuine Single From Flo Petite

A new single from Flo Petite brings out an ingeniously youthful and honest approach along with a cinematic and vast soundscape that comes through in the form of an indie pop track that reaches into different vibes, but all displayed with such a unique character that you quickly relate to it and even pictures some of the things that she's saying as she sings them.

I find it amazing when an artist can be so descriptive that you can vividly picture certain things in your head while they're happening in the song because this gives you a story to hang on to and follow which is really important when a song has an actual message like this one does.

" Kelsey's Car" can be taken a few different ways if you really listen to it and this is part of the beauty of music that matters.

When you hear something that affects you or makes you think, you can take it in different ways depending on your situation and your own life of course.

For me, this song feels like this youthful struggle in a way that depicts someone who wants to hold on to that youth and the times that she's having right now but knows that they are going to come to an end at some point.

Of course, that's just my take and I could be completely off the mark here however either way, the track can make you feel and that's really important because we need more music like this.

I'm sure a song like this speaks differently to me than it does to the next person but it still speaks to them which is something you don't get often so when it happens it's refreshing.

I get engulfed by songs like this because of the persona that's delivered throughout its course.

You want to know more about what happened and more about her life because it's those things that grab at you and keep you where they want.

That intense honesty is something that I find rejuvenating because be a part of this chapter in this person's life for a brief moment in time and that to me is a musical gift.

Anyway, I'm getting a little deep here but the point is I absolutely love the whole character and persona that's given off here and the way it's delivered.

Musically the song has depth to it and different elements bring it plenty of justice especially the sense of how incorporates natural and digital instrumentation which is a great part of indie pop in general but it always has to be done right.

There are things about this track that make it feel alive and breathing strangely. It has swells and sways to it and it's not in any way shape or form a cookie-cutter style single.

This is something I love about the truck as well because I feel like being able to blend genres subtly and perform vocals that have fewer boundaries than the norm are both part of what pop is becoming and so artists like Flo are that youth in songwriters that are standing in the forefront.

This song had a very unique heart to it along with a delivery of honesty, character, vibrancy, and storytelling that gains more than just your attention.

I'm giving this an 8 out of 10 hands down.

A well woven track from an artist I will personally be looking out for in the coming months and hoping there's more music released.

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