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A Wonderfully Woven Single from Jennie Angel

A new single release from Jennie Angel comes through with so much character and heart along with this descriptive approach that really lets you paint vivid pictures in your head as the song plays on and the whole thing just has that persona that you end up latching on to right from the get-go.

"Connecticut Cowboy" is something of a love song and it carries with it a pure Country backbone and feels like a cross between vintage and old-school country music approaches and a refreshing new one as well.

The whole song has this wonderful southern kissed tonality to it and that makes it all the more authentic, and the way that Jennie gives her performance has this straightforward but slightly subtle feel to it but you end up loving that style.

The chorus and hook of the track have a wonderful way of sticking with you for hours or sometimes even days after the song has ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to the song again so for me, that's just really smart songwriting although I think Jennie does this naturally.

I also really love how the song has a way of building and later on, you hear a little bit more rock guitar tones coming through as the song approaches the end and it's something that lets the song feel alive and breathing in its own way.

This was well done in terms of arrangement and composition but it's those melodies and that persona that get you and when it's over you feel like you just watched the scene of a movie, and you got so much out of the lyrics and the music that you want more from the artist.

This was a heartfelt single that showcased the artist's country presence, and it does such an amazing job of speaking volumes for her songwriting and how she can deliver something that you don't really want to end.

After listening to this track, I had no choice but to check out some of her previous releases and I'm glad that I did because I was able to find a slew of songs that each have a way of showcasing a little bit of a different side of the artist as a musician and as a person as well.

Jennie has no problem letting it all out and creating songs that are impactful but can be catchy as well.

She's the type of artist that you want to keep an eye on and if you like one song, you're most definitely going to like everything else that she's put out.

It seems like she's always very honest in her approach and maybe some of these songs are cathartic for her to write and release while for the listener they can be very relatable and at times even cause memories.

For me, that connection was made almost immediately, and I automatically thought about my person which I think longs Like this if done right, can really accomplish and that's one of the exact things that makes you want to find more songs from that artist.

This was a beautifully done song with plenty of heart and a genuine approach that makes Jennie Angel one of the more authentic ones I've heard in a while.

I'm going to give this song an 8 out of 10 easily and I suggest you check out her whole catalog when you get a chance.

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