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A Wonderfully Woven Album From Ben Sures

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

A wonderfully woven new album from Ben Sures gets humorously existential and paints with an array of acoustic and emotionally evoking textures that get your heart thumping and the hairs on your arms to stand up and that goes right alongside vocals that come through with character and a certain friendliness that makes you feel like you're listening to an album you made yourself and now your older self can soak it in.

The Story That Lived Here boasts a singer songwriter and classic folk feel that has a genuine and compelling approach that has an ability to cause memories of your own to pop into your head at any given moment.

You get taken on these little journeys through chapters in the artists life and they are descriptive, lush, full-bodied, and honest.

The guitar work across the span of the record is stellar. Subtle with tasteful sections and performed as gracefully as the vocals are so the match couldn't be any better.

The album is packed with delights and Ben can really get you to not only pay attention, but to get wrapped up in the story telling and the pull of it all.

You sort of get washed away with this record and its best to let that happen as it feels really good.

A beautifully placed and heartfelt performance riddled record with a classic songwriting approach that creates an atmosphere and impact on you.

You get these colorful little hints of Simon & Garfunkel at times that peek through and then go back to hiding.

This may well be Ben Sures masterpiece of an album. An opus of sorts that spans through his lifetime and lands here and now.

It is quite addictive and quite an accomplishment.

If you are indeed a fan of genuine folk, singer-songwriter, or just music that can make you feel something, then this record is for you.

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