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A Wonderfully Spacious Soundscape From Kerrith Livengood

An EP release from Kerrith Livengood brings out a lush and experimental array of electronic and natural soundscapes that create particular and deepening atmospheres that progress and change as they play on giving the listener a unique an ambient escape.

In the Name of the Moon is a beautifully woven record that brings together various textures to create an ocean of sound for you to swim through and while you do your imagination naturally gets triggered and you start picturing things in your head which I think is amazing.

This release is certainly spacious and vast as it uses feedback, synth pads, and all kinds of bells, keys, and more to build edgy and outside-the-box musical journeys for you to partake on.

There's such a graceful and elegant appeal to this record and the way the songs were put together and almost arranged at times feels orchestrated but at other times feels sporadic.

I love how you can get wrapped up and just engulfed in this entire record and the way that it takes you away from reality and drops you off into a completely different atmosphere and world is quite astounding.

There's a lot of a cinematic backbone to the record and it has a subtle way of getting under your skin and the best ways possible.

The synths and keys throughout the release are both up close and distant, harsh and soft, vibrant and subtle and that's how the whole record is put together.

Blending these sounds is something that doesn't come off easy and to have a release that separates you from your surroundings and gives you that escape is a beautiful thing because it doesn't happen often so when it does it's very refreshing.

To me there's something special about being able to almost tell stories by way of these pieces of music that are completely instrumental and have so much of a wide vastness to them because in the same sense of reading a book, you get certain elements given to you but then your imagination can also take over.

This record lets your imagination take over quite often, but it gives you those elements to lift off and this whole record has such a tasteful sonic presence to it that in the end it actually starts to become very comforting.

You become part of this world and the sounds become familiar to you after the first track.

I would say this is more an experience than an EP and this is also something you can't say often.

It's a rarity these days so I would say listen to this record with headphones on because it's the best way to soak it in and go for the whole release from beginning to end.

The record is about an hour and it's quite a unique and experimental adventure through sound.

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