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A Wonderfully Performed EP from Paolo Pizzi

A fresh EP release from Paolo Pizzi delivers a lush array of genre-bending and blending that takes both electronic and natural instrumentation and puts them together to create soundscapes and atmospheres that wrap themselves around you and keep you right where they want to complete with a focus on bass and guitar, the record gives off plenty of jazz, funk, and pop undertones.

The Electric City EP is riddled with character and each track has a sort of persona of its own and takes you on these miniature musical Journeys where you're able to visually picture certain kinds of things in your head as the music plays on as the whole thing gives a cinematic backbone and a natural knack for addictive progressions and heavy-handed grooves.

One of the things I adore about this record is its natural forward-moving flow and how that base is such an imperative part of every single track.

It's not just the progressions and the notes, it's the tone of that base that really gives the songs this particular drive and aesthetic.

There's also a great element of eclectic nature to this release and it combines some great keys and synths along with those guitars and bass, and sometimes the drums feel more natural while other times it's more of an electronic beat type of sound, but it all comes together seamlessly and with charm.

This record is such a wonderful combination of color and a little hint of edginess, but it boasts a ton of character and I think that's part of what you get attached to so quickly.

There is indeed an aesthetic and a theme to these songs and there is this staple feel and sound throughout the record that you come to really love by the end of it.

These songs are super smooth but showcase such outstanding musicianship, especially in the way of guitar and bass with rolling hooks, melodies, and progressions, and the arrangements of these songs are outstanding as well.

You can tell that Paolo is in his zone for his happy place if you will, just jamming in the studio and laying tracks down as that's part of what he does professionally, on this record he seems to be doing things with a lot fewer boundaries than the norm.

Some of it is improvised, some of it intricately placed, but it's all coming from a place of passion for the craft and love for what he does.

This is part of why the record boasts so much addictive energy.

I love those super silky jazz textures that this record can deliver along with those almost funk undertones and grooves, the jams that can feel endless at times just feel good to listen to, and there's a level of heart that went into this.

Again, you can tell this is purely a passion project and he's doing it for the love of doing it and that's part of what makes it so damn good.

You can hear all the different influences he has musically coming into play throughout the tracks and putting this record on with some headphones and taking a walk through your city or your town is one of the best ways to listen to this.

This is also part of helping it have that cinematic feel as I mentioned earlier.

The production is great, the mixes are really spot on, and you can hear every note from every instrument perfectly so the aesthetic and feel of each track comes through exactly the way it was meant to or at least close to it.

This is an important thing to touch on because the mix of songs like this is not always easy because there's layers of instrumentation, harmonies on guitar and bass, and all kinds of other stuff happening with keys and notes that float through the songs ether giving them a little bit more vastness in the undertone.

So, a mix of these tracks is not an easy thing to accomplish especially if you want to gain the right vibe but here, it's done so perfectly that everything comes through incredibly smooth and the whole thing keeps you floating a few feet above the ground.

And excellent record from a professional and seasoned musician, check this out as soon as you can, and again, do it with headphones on and take a walk because it's awesome that way.

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