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A Wonderfully Driven New Single From Tee Cad

A single release from Tee Cad brings the soul and funk along with smooth rock hooks and a passionate vocal delivery that blends that soul in with an R&B undertone and a load of lush harmonies and comes with enough character for you to latch onto from start to finish.

"Rey of Light" features Myles Jasnowski and gives you so much deep-rooted Groove that it's almost impossible not to get up and start dancing immediately.

The thing about this track is that you find yourself paying a lot of attention to the lyrics and while you do you find yourself bopping along with that groove because the track has a lot of soul and that persona also shows face, so you end up becoming attached to it.

There was a lot of attention to detail during the creation of this song, but it never loses that heart or soul throughout its course which I think is one of the most important aspects about it.

That character really sticks and while you're driving with this track you do follow what he's saying but it is hard to not get taken away by those guitar sections because man, the guitars are performed so well with so much love and accuracy.

The drumming is the big key element here and everything is so perfectly right in that pocket but also has that groove and Life to it that lets the song even feel alive and breathing.

This track definitely has some drive to it, but everything is really balanced dynamically so that you're able to soak in the lyrics and feel the vocals but also be able to let your body move with the music.

This is a perfect combination because there's a lot to soak in and this is why I listen to the track more than once.

It's packed with these hooks both musically and vocally which again, is something that has been lacking in all kinds of genres for years now so to hear musical hooks like this is incredibly refreshing.

This is done by an artist and fellow musicians that have an absolute love for their craft and put everything they have into the creation of a song but never leave the purpose behind.

The song also comes with an accompanying music video that basically shows the recording process in real-time so that you can see the drumming and the guitar parts, the vocals getting tracked, and watching it is super fun.

I think I like it because it gives you an idea of how a song like this is put together and actually tracked.

The song has a heavy-handed positive feel to it that is infectious so when the song is over not only do you have certain hooks bouncing around in your head for hours but you also have soaked in this sort of positive energy and that makes the song feel really good and it makes you feel really good.

This was a killer single with a wonderful technique and was incredibly well woven by seasoned musicians who know exactly what they're doing and leave you fully satiated when the song is over.

I would give this one a 9 out of 10, straight up.

Check this out when you get a chance and turn it up.

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