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A Wonderfully Cinematic Rock Release from The Lonely Together

A new album released from The Lonely Together gives off a vivacious but cinematic brand of pop and alternative rock that's laced with gorgeous melodies and this vastness that sticks throughout the record for the most part but the whole thing has a lot of heart and I think that's what you get attached to the most.

The Endless Sunset Oblivion album is packed with character and that has a particular way of delivering honesty and a lot of detailed lyrics that give insight into that character, and this is something that is quite a rarity in any genre of music so to hear it on this record was very refreshing.

Now, when I say that the record has a cinematic backbone what I mean is that these songs can easily be heard in the scene of a film or a show and that's because a lot of these songs have a sort of emotional drive to them that when you listen to a lot of the songs gives you a sense of nostalgia and a strange way almost as if some of these could have served as the soundtrack to certain chapters of your own life at different points.

These songs are radio friendly and everything from the guitar tone to the refs, classic rock influence, and vocals all have a way of complimenting each other and the album feels good to listen to although it goes through all these different ranges of emotions.

This is certainly the type of record you listen to as a whole from beginning to end and that's because it almost feels like a concept record of sorts as the songs feel like they interconnect, and the stories touch base with each other and that's something that gives the feel of a record that you should be listening to all of.

Not only that but even though there are singles that stand out to me, listening to the full record is just the way this was supposed to be soaked in.

If you listen to the album as a whole, it feels more like an experience than an album. It's like watching a film or reading a good book and when it's over you have to pull yourself back into your surroundings again and snap back into reality which means that this is a great escape.

That in itself is a gift in music if you ask me.

These are stories of someone's life.

About halfway through the record you start to get the more dream rock sort of vibe and again that also includes that vastness that I mentioned before but it's also in the way that the vocals are delivered because they are heartfelt and passionate with melodies and harmonies that stick with you and end up bouncing around in your head for hours or even days after the songs have ended.

The only way to satiate that is to listen to the songs again and that to me is just really smart songwriting although I think this band has a natural knack for doing that and this is just their way.

I love the energy on the record because it feels almost as if the players are feeding off of each other and this gives the vibe of a live performance on certain tracks.

A lot of this record has an impactful pop-rock and indie rock soundscape, and the progressions are awesome, the refs are memorable, and the course isn't hooks wrap themselves around you so that the whole record delivers a certain atmosphere that you just never want to leave.

This was a very lush and full-bodied record that pulls out memories of your own and lets them just scroll through your head at random and I think that that's a beautiful thing.

Take a swim through this record the second you get a chance and if you can go for the whole album.

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