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A Welcoming and honest rock single from Lowgarden

The latest single from Lowgarden really grabs you with a warm rock feel that breeds a bit of bear honesty which in turn, gives the song this anthemic and genuine undertone that makes you get attached to it on a deeper level in a way.

"The Writing on the Wall" seems like a very relatable song to many, and it gives off such a classic rock feel with a 90's alt-punk approach that has a loose but lush and full-bodied style.

This was amazing and that chorus is incredibly addictive. You will find yourself singing that hook hours later when you least expect it.

The guitar has that classic 90's soundscape as it plays that hook in notes and it boasts a sort of UK alt-pop thing. It all has this super welcoming and vast feel with major pop tones.

It's like mixing Social Distortion with The Cure and it feels really good. The whole thing just has heart and an open-eyed freedom to it that makes you want to raise your glass and sing right along.

This was absolutely huge and showcases the band's ability to get your attention and give off mass amounts of character and warmth without ever losing that edge.

Now that's a good trick. It's not easy to pull off but with bands like Lowgarden its second nature. it feels totally natural because it actually is.

This band feels like the kind of band you've been listening to for years and it's been a part of all kinds of chapters in your life.

Amazing single from Lowgarden.

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