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A Warming new track from Ziggy Alberts has arrived

A new release from Ziggy Alberts is a heartfelt and cinematic track that has a way of warming you up and feels like a nostalgic memory of your own in the form of an acoustic pop song with banjo, clapping percussion, and smooth and soothing vocals that come across passionate and genuine.

"Campfire" is a brilliant single that manages to take such a subtle approach and make it feel so real and so big that it becomes something you can feel from. It makes you think, and it makes you smile and that is exactly what we need from music right now.

You feel less alone and more loved somehow and it just creates this wonderful feeling like a ug from a friend you haven't seen in a while.

The song hits a sweet and tasteful spot, and the songwriting is spot on with a perfect charm and attitude that takes it all home.

You want to share the song with people. You want to bring it home with you and listen to it with headphones while drifting off in thought.

It does an outstanding job of painting these vivid pictures for you and really sticks with you for days.

The track also has much personal meaning for Ziggy of course and the music video that accompanies the track portrays exactly what the song is to him.

You get such beautiful images, and everything really comes together while watching the video.

Come join Ziggy Alberts on this lush and comforting musical trip.

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