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A Warm and colorful Single from Carydakis

A new single release from Evan Carydakis delivers a classic and smooth jazz soundscape that focuses on some outstanding saxophone performances but also delivers this lush soundscape and breezy feel that creates a certain kind of character would you end up falling right into.

"Paradise Beach" is a single with a name that fits the vibe 100% perfectly and when you listen to it it does have a way of taking you away from your surroundings and bringing you to a whole other place which really feels good and becomes quickly addicting.

This track delivers a certain kind of warmth and welcoming feeling and once you are in the atmosphere of this track, you simply don't want to leave. You just want to stay there forever and enjoy this colorful and vibrant set of performances.

One of the things I love about this track is that it is an instrumental one so not only do you get this classic and sort of vintage '80s approach to the vibe and feel of it, but you also get loads of musical hooks performed by a saxophone and those hooks really come with a mood so if you listen to this track first thing in the morning, which I certainly suggest you do, it will set the tone for the rest of your day.

In my opinion, we need much more music like this and I've missed this style and approach of smooth jazz for quite some time so to hear it now is very refreshing.

Evan is someone who most certainly has a pure love for his craft and when I say that I don't just mean playing saxophone, I mean putting together these full-fledged songs that come across feeling like you're watching a sunset in Miami somewhere.

The whole aesthetic of this track was completely nailed, and you can tell that this is absolutely a passion project from beginning to end but is coming from someone with an amazing amount of charismatic and intricate musicianship.

This track does indeed have a great persona to it and there are aspects about it that let it feel like it's just alive and breathing.

At certain points, it even feels like the song was recorded live on the floor and everyone involved was just feeding off of each other's energies the entire time.

The performance is across the border seller and the track comes with a bountiful array of instrumentation that brings it all to life.

Not only do you get your fill of addictive saxophone licks, but you also get trumpet sections and amazing keyboard performances.

Everything comes together with such a seamless charming approach that it's impossible to turn away from.

Having himself is no stranger to having singles on the high end of smooth jazz charts all over the place and this single is an example of exactly why that is.

In my opinion, you should listen to this track with headphones on and your eyes closed so you can just get whisked away to an island somewhere and I feel like this is part of the way it was meant to be soaked in.

An incredibly well-woven and wonderfully performed single from Evan Carydakis, dive into this one as soon as you get a chance and enjoy the vibes.

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