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A Vintage Soundscape From Lorelai Paige

Hey gorgeous new single release from Lorelai Paige touches on a very classic songwriting approach that brings about this vintage tonality and that aesthetic is completely now throughout this track but it's also spun into something a little bit more new school as well so you get this full-bodied and intense single that flows so smoothly and gives off so much soul that you can't look away.

"Waiting" has that 60s and 70s love song feel to it with organs that float around the ether feeling the space and popping guitars drenched in reverb and playing this vintage progression that feels warm and welcoming while the vocals are delivered with a very particular sort of passion and character that you latch onto right from the beginning.

This is a track that I've been waiting to hear for a long time just because I miss this style of songwriting and the effect that it has on me.

This is a track that has a story behind it and tells that story with an intensity that builds the further in you go and by the end of the track you get this massive bridge that explodes with emotion, and you realize that music hasn't had that kind of thing in quite some time.

The whole thing has this amazing energy like it was recorded live on the floor because all the players involved feel like they're feeding off of each other the whole time and this gives the song the essence of being alive.

Even if I'm wrong about that which I probably am, it makes you want to see this live in your face because if the energy level is like this on a record, then a live performance must be intense.

This release beckons music from decades past and does it with a fresh recourse and in doing so you have something that feels familiar and warm but also missed and loved.

The release does an amazing job of showcasing Lorelai's outstanding vocal range and her general presence as an artist which is outstanding, and it really can draw you in and keep you right where it wants to the entire time.

The release truly speaks volumes for the artist and upon listening to it I decided to check out some of the previous releases from the artist, and there is a lot to soak in each with a character embodied of its own which is amazing.

One of the most impressive things I've heard in a long time is her album called Cinematic Experience and I'm not going to get into that too much but it's something that you want to set aside some time and listen to with headphones on.

This is an example of a youthful artist that releases music with fewer boundaries than you're used to hearing so it becomes refreshing, and it takes you away from where you are and let you escape into it for a moment.

The single itself can cause memories of your own to pop into your head at random and that is amazing.

This was graceful, passionate, and emotionally driven, and although there was so much outstanding attention to detail throughout this track, it never loses that character or that heart the entire time which is important.

Lorelai Paige is most definitely an artist I will be paying attention to from here on out and looking forward to whatever she releases next.

I suggest you pay a little attention as well.

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