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A Vintage Pop Single from Amoreena Is Here

A new single release from Amoreena has a wonderful way of giving off a vintage pop  vibe like a track that was released in the late '80s or early 90s and it's done with an array of brilliantly performed and executed instrumentation that keeps to this classic set of synth and key sounds along with guitar and even vocals that fit right into this aesthetic incredibly well but it's all done with this sort of passionate performance and almost emotionally driven undertone and this is what has a way of grabbing at you.

"Trojan Horse" is a track that has a certain kind of flow to it and this is part of what makes it feel like it's alive and breathing in its own way, and this is because the song has these swells and sways throughout its playthrough and it's all done so well because the arrangement and composition were put together with a lot of detail in its creation but even through all of that, the song never loses that character and never loses that sort of heart that it begins with in the first place and that may just be the most important part of it all.

This track really does nail that classic aesthetic so well, but it also brings elements of indie pop, electro-pop, and dream pop into the mix because there are some ambient undertones here and a certain kind of vastness that the song delivers as well, and all of this has a way of coming together and not only complementing each other but building an atmosphere that you fall right into and eventually get washed away with.

The vocals have a great range to them in terms of their intensity as they grow bigger, bolder, and more profound as the song plays on and by the end, she's belting, which is amazing, and along with that, you have a track that musically builds and grows along with that intensity as well.

There are more layers of keys and these pads that float through the song's ether that start coming through in the middle and towards the end of the track that builds everything bigger, so you have this gigantic sonic presence by the second half of the song.

This was definitely created by a youthful artist who takes certain elements of emotional drive and lays it out with her music and so the song is not only spot on in terms of getting that great pop feel, but it's also bearing a certain level of honesty which again, feeds more into the character of the song.

It certainly feels like recording in the studio is where Amoreena loves to be and upon listening to this song, I couldn't help but take a little bit of a deep dive into her back catalog on Spotify and I'm certainly glad that I did because she's got several outstanding singles and a full-length album that all shine in terms of letting her do her thing with no boundaries around her.

Being able to listen to her evolution as an artist from when she started up to now was incredibly fun and fulfilled any kind of pop needs that I had.

Take a listen to this single when you can, don't be afraid to turn it up because it's even better that way, and then go back through some of her catalog because you certainly won't be disappointed there.

You will get to hear different sides of the artist doing so and this is a fun thing to do when you find an artist that you truly like.

I am someone who will be keeping an eye out for whatever Amoreena has coming up next.

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