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A fresh new single from Kuuda delivers a lush and colorful house, dance, and pop combination that creates an atmosphere with an ambient undertone and the ability to wrap itself around you and sort of swim around in the air that surrounds you.

The King Kuda track, "Wasted Worlds (Kuuda Remix)" gives us off a very particular vibe and energy that is very easy for you to fall into and sort of just get washed away with as it flows, and this is something that I found to be actually quite calming in a way.

The production on this track is very well thought out with a lot of attention to detail but even with all of that comment it never really loses its persona or character that it began with and as you listen to the song deeper, it starts to grow and get bigger both in intensity and musically.

New synths and keys start to show face, and the song starts to change and morph, and this all gives the track the feeling of being alive and breathing in a strange way.

And true house and dance style, it does deliver great bills and climaxes that make you want to hit the dance floor right off the bat, and with those bursts of musical explosion, you still get the sense of chill because it keeps to this perfect energy that balances the color, the edginess, and the atmosphere.

I love the spaciousness of this track and how it can send you off into these vivid worlds without you even realizing it at first.

The percussion and beat are really alluring and the whole track has this addictive component to it where you almost don't want it to end no matter how long you listen to it.

It also has these hints of classic house in there too which I enjoyed because I grew up listening to a lot of that stuff and I like how it sticks to its guns in terms of that approach as well.

There are a lot of layers that you can peel back with this track but all in all, it has you sort of floating a few feet above the ground and as you drift along with it, you pick up on that energy and it becomes a part of you.

I love songs that you can escape into and this is a perfect example of that because when you listen to it you sort of forget about your surroundings and your reality for a little while and jump into a different one but with a track like this it's half the music and have your imagination and thoughts.

That's a beautiful thing because it's rare that you get music that can send you off to a different place like that.

The music triggers your thought process and fall into it.

This was a gorgeous track that hits all the sweet spots in terms of a good house and dance track but with additional tonalities and textures that men together and build something much more vast.

I ended up enjoying the cinematic backbone it delivers and the sonic presence that it boasts.

This was a very well-woven and thought-out track delivered with an authentic approach that lets everything feel good to listen to.

Listen to this track in the car or with headphones on for sure.


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