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A Vast New Single from The 40th Parallel

A new single from 40th Parallel comes through with a gorgeous and vast soundscape that can sort of whisk you away to a different place altogether with lush textures that float in and out of each other and a cinematic backbone that has a way of wrapping itself around you.

"Cleaner Air Better World" is a track that incorporates wondrous instrumentation and notes that overlap and create an atmosphere that you just don't want to leave.

You get elements of mathy undertones, indie pop overtones, and this indie rock approach and all of these things blended make something that's memorable and this whole song has a way of engulfing you and in the end, you sort of get washed away with everything.

From electric guitars to saxophones, electric keys, pianos, and more this track is so full body but so drifting and floaty at the same time giving off an almost dreamlike vibe.

This is more like an experience than a single and being able to deliver such thick character with the music was a beautiful thing to hear.

The way the song is mixed lets the vocals sort of melt in with the rest of the music and a lot is going on at different parts of the song in terms of notes and instruments, but it all has this wondrous way of coming together and becoming whole.

There is absolutely nothing cookie-cutter about this track and I love that this was created with fewer boundaries than the norm because I think that's exactly what we need in music right now.

Artists like 40th Parallel are paving their own path in the musical world and they're not banking on making sure they're following any particular guidelines but instead, we are hearing music that comes from someplace more genuine.

Although this is a newer artist who is just beginning to release these massive singles on Spotify the tracks are already making waves as they should be and upon listening to this single, I had to listen to another at least last year called "Red Gum Pass" which still felt similar in terms of the Staples soundscapes but also travel to a little bit of a different place.

Songs like these are that they are great escapes and when you listen to them, they have a fantastical element embedded in their veins, so you're pulled away from your surroundings and your reality for a chunk of time and to me that's sort of like a gift.

This track came through with such a full-bodied sound and it's certainly something that makes me want to pay more attention to this project from here on out which I will certainly be doing.

This is for anyone who likes a vast and outside-the-box approach to indie pop and indie rock with beautifully cinematic elements and a way to sort of entrance you.

Take a swim through this track when you can and see what kind of effect it has on you. You will not soon regret it.

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