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A Unique and Blistering Single from Jacob Panic

The new release from Jacob Panic takes two very different elements in music and instrumentation and brings them together in one soiree of a track as it blends a very heavy almost death metal approach with a banjo and at times this creates such an incredible atmosphere that when the song is over you have to immediately play it again just to be able to soak it all in.

"Dead Wing" is unlike anything you've heard before as far as I would guess because the combination of this thrashing and fierce metal with banjo overlaying it all is so outside the box but works so incredibly well it's unbelievable.

You have these textures that are combining together, and they somehow complement each other to a point where it all makes perfect sense and I think it's being able to combine genres and textures like this that makes it so unique but also breaks boundaries when it comes to releasing music.

I'm a big fan of anything that comes out that clearly has fewer boundaries than normal and this song is a perfect and prime example of exactly that.

Now, having said all that, there are parts of this track that are just uproarious and fun as you hear ruling death metal vocals with crunching and thrashing guitars along with this amazing banjo performance that's completely non-stop throughout the entire thing.

Certain sections of the song give a bit of a doom and dark tonality, but the banjo adds to that vibe would it happens and makes it even darker and even more edgy somehow which is amazing, and it all comes together in such a way where at times it feels almost cinematic.

The drumming or drum programming, I'm not sure exactly what it is, is really perfectly done and helps push that heaviness to the place where the song wants and needs to be but this is one of those tracks where you kind of sit back and think about what you just listened to for a minute, and then hit play again just to be sure what you heard is actually what you heard.

The track comes from Jacob Panic who is not only the writer and performer of everything on the track as far as we can tell, but he also focuses on Banjo more than anything else as his main instrument so to be able to think of something like this is insane.

It works way better than you would think, and I adore the artist simply because he thinks outside the box and just puts out what he wants to, the way he wants to do it and I think we need more of that in music as a whole no matter what the genre or combination of genres may be.

This was intricately put together and the performance of the banjo is or at least seems like one straight-through take and that alone to me just shows how much she loves his instrument.

Jacob Panic is the type of artist I can probably pull off just about any kind of rock or folk or rustic vibed or undertoned style of music that you can think of and I'm really happy that he decided to put these two worlds together because even though you think they may class, they don't.

This came through charismatic, fun, edgy, heavy, melodic, inventive, and done with great attention to detail.

Definitely check the track out as soon as you can and see what I mean.

It's time to listen to something you haven't quite heard before.

Trust me, it's super refreshing.

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