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A Spotlight Interview with Shy Bloom

Shy Bloom just dropped an album that breaks boundaries and borders with a completely refreshing array of future, indie, and dream pop all infused with R&B and a youthful undertone that gives it all this starry drive.

The To Think Back Where We Used To Be is a gorgeous record full of vivid tones and textures that jump out at you and sneak up on you at the same time all with this heart underneath it all that always shows face here and there reminding you that this is a passion project and that's why it's so good.

Synths, and keys fill the atmosphere with swelling pads and glittering sheets of beautifully woven sounds while you feel emotion swim up to the surface.

The record is intensely cinematic and does showcase a variety of emotion and style all within this wonderous and almost magical feeling soundscape.

You close your eyes and find yourself in a different place with each song and it always has this semi-nostalgic undertone but with a sheen over it that glides and pulls you in.

This was an absolutely genuine and pure release that goth through what was meant to.

With the release of such a great record, we wanted to have a chat with Shy Bloom to see where this came from.

Here's what went down.

RAG: Okay so let's start with the To Think Back Where We Used to Be album. This record has a great almost 90's R&B undertone to it! Where did this album come from?

"It came from a lot of different ideas and sound-influences at the time. I started this project pre-covid outbreak, so we're talking late-February or early-March. I just released my second small length project 'REMEMBRANCE". Soon after wrapping up that EP I jumped straight into the idea of finally making a bigger and larger project instead of making another small length EP, which I had planned as well but it really felt like the time to make an album. The first track to be born from this album was 'Out of sight, out of mind' the third song from the project. Throughout the past two years it has grown and developed into what you hear today. About 4/10 of these tracks started in 2020 while the other half came around last year. I didn't wrap up the full album until earlier this year". RAG: So how did this all begin for you?

When did you fall in love with music really?"I've always loved music! growing up I was a very sheltered and isolated child, by choice haha... Jump to, August 2016. I started diving into music production and didn't know what the hell i was doing haha. But during the rest of that year into early next year I educated myself more on "How to make these drum-patterns sound like this" or "How can i build a full song around this 20-30 vocal sample". I eventually was given Fl Studio for my 17th birthday. After getting my hands on it, I started taking my music more seriously and as you can we're here haha. But I thank god everything worked out the way it did". RAG: Who is in all your headphones right now?

"A lot of ODESZA haha... those are my boys right there. Along with them I've been listening to Flume, Petit Biscuit, Kllo, and many more different artists who live in the electronic world. While also. jamming to a lot of alternative rock/indie rock bands". RAG: What inspires you to write a song?

"It really depends... a lot of my songs start from small ideas that may have been flying around the room for a while. Then you have it where I'd randomly be doing anything and a melody or drum progression pops up into my head, i'd either record it on my phone if I'm out and hop on it whenever I make it back home or if I am at home instantly drop everything and start on that specific idea. Sometimes they and sometimes they don't haha... It's the excitement that makes it worth it in the end". RAG: I'm hearing some great styles on this song. Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

"There's a lot of artists who influence my sound but ODESZA would have to take the full spotlight on this one. They really made me do a full 180 on how I carry myself as a starting producer, and pushed me to fully build my own sound whilst still showcasing my influences. Don't get me started on their live shows bro... going to them next month". RAG: What are you all doing when you're NOT working on music?

"These past 3-4 months I've been spending more time with my siblings. So, whenever I'm not at work or at home making music I'd go hangout with them. Outside of that I've been connecting with myself more. Fully taking in every blessing I've gotten throughout these past 2-3 years'. I like cooking and traveling as well haha... can't forget those". RAG: Would you say live performances are a big part of what you do?

"As of right now I haven't officially performed live yet, but I do have to say yes to that question. I've been building live sets for the past 2-3 years. Everything from visual ideas, live edits, stage design and more. I honestly can't wait til the day I get to go on my own tour and finally share a lot of ideas I've been holding for so long". RAG: This album feels like a big undertaking, is there any advice you'd give to other up and coming artists out there?

"The best advice I could give to any other upcoming artists is to, focus on building your craft and work towards making your own sound. Although there will be some trial and error, that comes along with producing music in the end. You' face a few insecurities as well but don't let them overtake your mind. Stay on track, build your sound and keep learning the more you grow". RAG: What can your fans expect from you in the near future?

"I am currently working on my official third and last small length project, something that's been in the planning phase for a while now. It will be a mix of my older and newer sound times 10X. 90% of the project is done and everyone can expect it to rollout around early next year 2023". RAG: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

"I know I have said this ten-billion times already, but I really do appreciate each and every person who listens to my music, stream it, save it, share it and show nothing but love towards it. It's a blessing how far I've came these past few years and a lot of it is thanks to my fans! I love each and every one of them".

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