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A Spotlight Interview with Comptalo

A fresh new double single release from Comptalo gives off a vibrant and colorful Indie pop approach that comes with its own brand of energy and tons of character along the way with an insanely lush and full-bodied soundscape.

The first of the two is called "Secrets" and it's definitely one that grabs your attention from the get-go and keeps you where it wants you with its slightly experimental production Style and infectious energy.

As a matter of fact, that level of energy and attitude never lets up from beginning to end.

This track has one hell of a groove and digs in deep with a hard four-on-the-floor beat that feels like a disco-backed pop banger that borders on a Trippy and psychedelic tonality backed by some funky Basin guitars and vocals that float in a scattered form throughout the background.

That bass line really holds everything together so well that it's ridiculous.

The B-side is dubbed "Stop Calling Me" and pushes the envelope slightly more on the experimental side of things but this time brings in more of a hip-hop tonality with a rap approach that feels like a classic throwback to the early 90s in a way.

The cool thing about this is that that blend of genres really works quite well and comes off charming in its own right.

So, you get this influx of infatuation and color that come off bright and impactful in such a positive way that it's almost completely welcoming from the get-go.

These combined soundscapes and feels, genres and subgenres all make everything so addictive that you find yourself searching for a little bit more and when you do you find an absolute mass number of releases and collaborations that would take you all day to sift through but would be a damn good time.

There are singles dating back to 2017 on the Spotify page alone and having listened through a lot of it, there are more than a few gems throughout the catalog and it's definitely worth your time to go through especially if you dig this double single release.

With the release of the "Secrets" / "Stop Calling Me" singles we wanted to have a chat with the artist to find out where exactly these came from and what might be coming next.

Here's what went down.

RAG: Let's kick things off with "Secrets". This single had a huge and colorful pop style to it! Where did this track come from?

Secrets" was a product of the pandemic. I had COVID and I started this song in isolation. I wanted to be around people but obviously, I couldn't because I was sick. I reached out to Paul Balazs, who I had loosely known for years before but never really knew knew each other. I asked if he wanted to collab on a song together and he was just immediately down. After many passes back and forth via email we came to the song "Secrets". But it still had that missing piece. We needed that 3rd voice. Paul suggested reaching out to Marah Armenta from The Stakes to be the last piece of the puzzle. He locked it in and the rest is history. RAG: When did this all start for you? When did you fall in love with music?

Music has been a very long journey for me, with Comptalo specifically. I started Comptalo in 2008 making music really trying to find myself. But I think where it really all started was my upbringing around rock n roll & metal music. I was raised in a household where music was appreciated the same way a film buff loves film. It was always in my face all the time. It was almost like I couldn't avoid it. This music stuff was just written in legacy at birth. RAG: What made you release this with "Stop Calling Me" as a 7"?

Secrets" and "Stop Calling Me" were 2 of 4 singles I had released from my concept album Stop Calling Me. I knew once the album was approaching finished that these two songs were what spoke for the entire album. Most people don't listen to albums but instead are always drawn to what 2 or 3 singles you really push hard to your audience. You have to choose wisely, these are the songs that will identify your entire career. These 2 were a no-brainer. RAG: These songs have some great styles! Can you give us some of your top musical influences?

My musical influences are all over the place. It's really hard to pinpoint who Influences me where sometimes. And Influences change so often. But my favorites always stay the same. My love for production comes from the Beach Boys, my love for hip-hop and word flow comes from Kendrick Lamar, my love for guitar styles and performance come from Pink Floyd, and my love for loud and in your face hype comes from Lamb of God. I love all types of music. I listen to countless genres regularly. These two songs were heavily influenced by Tame Impala and The Avalanches. RAG: What are you doing when you're NOT working on music?

When I'm not working on music I'm somewhat of a "gamer". I keep in touch with some of my closest friends through online gaming. I love single-player gaming. I also love going out to see my friends perform in their bands when I can as well. I just like to do things to take me out of being a musician sometimes.

RAG: Who's in your headphones right now?

Headphones right now... The Cars Candy-O

RAG: This single feels like a big undertaking, is there any advice you'd give to other up and coming artists out there?

Never give up. Never surrender. Success comes from failure. It takes a lot of time to find who you are musically. Your first band doesn't have to define who you've as an artist. Be diverse. Be different. Do different things. Be original.

RAG: What can your fans expect from you in the near future?

Lots of stuff! New music video featuring my good friend Juudo Chopp coming out on 3/5. New single in April featuring L.A.'s High Sunday dropping on 4/5 and I have my follow-up solo album to 2021's Stop Calling Me dropping on 5/5/23. It's called Tape-Deck Sunsets, Vol. 1 that features artists from all over North America. The singles "Bands Up" and "Smell Ya Later" (with Pats) are available on all streaming platforms now!! RAG: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

Yo this is Comptalo a.k.a. Cantaloupe. Say my name however you want to. I love y'all. Thank you for supporting me for this crazy music. If you keep supporting ima just go crazier. So let's tip the scale. Love y'all!!

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