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A soiree of Jazz Fueled compositions from Dan Kurfirst

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

An upcoming release from Dan Kurfirst brings a classic jazz undertone chill hip hop vibe that has an old school NY tonality to it and feels genuine as horns, beats, and keys flow in different settings and styles with each new track.

The Arkinetics album is packed to the brim with lush and warm tones that feel warming but crisp at times. The songs play out with that jazz intellect but also has fun with notes and rhythms.

The percussion on this record is killer and the whole thing can either relax you massively or drive you int a more excited form. Either way it all has that Technicolor approach and its completely charming.

The album has scattered samples of existential truths being spoken and it's all from this old school voice and recording and it works very well with the songs that are more scattered.

These tracks have a way of invading your brain and getting you to think, ponder, wonder, and as you soak it all in you feel changed in a way.

If you listen to the entire record which I completely recommend, you'll find yourself almost in a trance.

It all takes its shape with each song and formulates into something that you can picture in your mind.

A wonderous and vivid album, the performances and colors of this one really takes over and stick with you for days on end.

This was quite a genius release, and it comes with a refreshing take on classic styles. It's actually been a while since you've heard anything like this, and it's absolutely nailed.

The aesthetic is authentic, and it all works very well.

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