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A Robust And Classic, Southern Rock Single from Nick Ryan

A brand-new single release from Nick Ryan delivers a real genuine southern tonality and some outstanding guitar work that really drives this single through the roof along with an energy that feels alive and breathing with a classic backbone and vivacious vocals.

"Hell is the Highway" gives off a lush soulfulness that boasts so much character and persona that you become attached to that first and foremost which is something that I feel is missing in a lot of today's music so to hear it now is very refreshing.

This track has that southern soul as I mentioned earlier but it is derived from this combination of classic rock influences and blues guitar performances that let this song thrive and that is mighty special because I also miss guitar solos like this track has so much.

The song has these organs that thicken the space and add an atmosphere to the track and the whole thing feels like a live performance in a way because of that energy and the feeling of players feeding off of each other during it.

That chorus is just robust and bountiful served up hot and ready right in your face and you can't look away from it for even a second.

Something about this track feels like you've been listening to it for years and it's part of a certain chapter of your own life and it's really strange to have that feeling when listening to attract for the very first time, but I love it.

This chorus has a delightful way of actually sticking in your head and bouncing around in there for hours or even days after the song is ended and the only way to satiate that is to listen to the song again which to me could just be smart songwriting however, I feel like Nick just does this naturally.

The song makes me want to see him perform this live because if the energy on the record is captured like this then seeing a light performance must just be outstanding.

The single has some amazing changes and ridiculous technicalities in terms of arrangement and performances by all parts, but it never loses its Soul or its character for even one second and that may be the most important part of it all honestly.

This track is highly infectious and gets in your blood quickly so you can feel that energy and that's what you leave the song with. An energy that you didn't have before and a craving to go listen to that guitar work again.


This track was an absolute banger and I love the different influences that are Incorporated during it.

It's got heart and the feeling of being alive.

Upon listening to this track I took it upon myself to take a little bit of a deep dive into the back catalog of Nick Ryan and I'm glad that I did because there's a handful of singles released starting in 2020 and each one of them gives a little bit of a different vibe and side to the songwriter as a person and as an artist as well.

Whenever I find an artist like this that I want to know more about, I find it very interesting to listen to their sort of evolution as a songwriter from when they started until now and the best way to do that is to listen to their previous releases of course.

I'm not giving away too much about previous singles but I'm just suggesting that you go listen to them especially if you dig this track.

If you don't take this track, I suggest going and having your ears checked.

All joking aside, I would give the song straight up 9 out of 10 based on songwriting and especially performance.

This song has some great technicalities but way more Soul than anything else.

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