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A Progressive Math Rock Banger From S.C.O.B.Y.

An album release from S.C.O.B.Y. Brings together a vivacious and edgy yet colorful math and progressive rock soundscape that all has a very unique sense of character and ranges from light to dark at the drop of a dime, but all has this vigorous energy and massive set of riffs that have a strange way of wrapping themselves around you and keeping you right where they want to.

THE MOTHER is an album that's got some layers and it comes across with an energy that just feels like it was recorded live because the players are feeding off of each other from beginning to end and that makes everything feel sort of alive and breathing.

Even if I'm not correct about that which for all I know, I'm totally wrong, it still makes you want to see them live just because it's so intense at times and they have a way of letting the songs swell at certain points and explode in others while other tracks come right in with that same explosive fierceness.

Other tracks have elements of a multitude of different genres and those ones have you pay more attention to the lyrics and the guitars which is really cool because if you listen to the full record from beginning to end which is exactly the way you're supposed to do it, then you get a sense of the entire world that this band is embedded in.

Some tracks tell stories, other tracks just spew forth these crazy math rock riffs that create steady melodies out of an array of notes in a forward-moving fashion.

The crazy thing about it is there are a lot of songs that you can really get down with and just dance to as they have great grooves that run deep and the balance dynamically between the songwriting and arrangement styles, that math rock, that progressive alternative rock, the dancing feels, the grungy styles, and everything else, you get everything but cookie cutter out of this.

Sometimes it boggles me how they can even keep up with each other, to be honest with you but it all sounds so cohesive and confluent that it's mind-blowing.

Certain tracks stand out a little bit to me as singles perhaps, but each song is a little bit different than the last one and delivers something so familiar to their stable sound especially guitar riff wise, but have also something new to bring to the table which is why I would strongly suggest that you just listen to this record from beginning to end because I think that's the best way to soak this in.

I love listening to a record that I know is a complete passion project and that everyone in the band has an absolute love for their craft and I don't just mean their instruments, but I mean putting everything together and creating these massive pieces of work with them.

This record is kind of like a blitzkrieg or a sucker punch to the gut because you don't really expect what's coming half the time.

It's endlessly fun and shines with persona which is something a lot of answers don't have these days and they do it in such a different way than the normal portrayal of character or persona a band delivers.

You can tell there's a lot of heart in this record and that these guys put everything into it that they could and that's completely evident from every note played and every second past.

I'm completely impressed by this release, and I think there's something for almost everyone here that loves good, surprising, edgy, rock music.

So, dive into this one as I'm going to give it an 8 out of 10 hands down.

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