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A Powerful Single From mrYmn

A beautiful new single from mrYmn brings out a lush and almost cinematic soundscape that comes with a coupled message and together these elements provide a powerful and impactful song that certainly leaves its mark and has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you right where it wants to.

"Star People" grabs at your attention from the get-go and the whole thing comes through with a sort of theatrical feel to it like you could see this in the scene of a play.

The piano work is stellar and the whole atmosphere that this track actually creates is incredible to soak in because once you're in there, you just don't want to leave.

I love songs like this because they provide a certain level of escapism for the listener, and this is something that I've missed in certain kinds of music for quite some time.

Being able to step out of your own reality and jump into someone else's for a little bit is really an incredible thing to do but it doesn't happen often so when it does, it's incredibly refreshing.

One of my favorite things about this track is the level of heart and compassion that it boasts because the whole song certainly thrives in terms of having this particular soul and this is part of what you get attached to so quickly.

The track has character and a persona so that when you listen to it you get how genuine it is and how the space in which the song was birth was authentic.

The music video that a company is the song itself is somewhat of a lyric video but it also provides some incredible vivid imagery that goes incredibly well with the track itself and also of course gives you a really good breakdown of what the song is about seeing that you can look at the words.

The imagery and the way the video is actually put together actually works incredibly well with the music itself and it helps actually boost that same sort of atmosphere even more somehow.

This was incredibly beautiful and gracefully performed and it's pretty impressive in terms of the intricacies and the builds within the song itself.

The song can sort of swell and sway and because of that it feels like it's alive and breathing which is kind of the purpose of the whole thing.

Again, that cinematic sort of backbone that the song provides is really impressive and serves the song very well.

You can certainly hear the track of the scene of a film for example.

It's spacious but not too spacious, ambient but not too ambient, in your face but not too in your face, it's got all these tasteful elements to it that are dynamically balanced so that the song has a life of its own and this is what makes it so addicting.

There was heart, thought, and attention to detail all woven into this one track that's meant for you to take something away from it.

What you do take away from it of course, is up to you but it starts with listening to it, and I would suggest doing so by watching the music video which we have embedded below for your viewing pleasure of course.

I would suggest doing this with headphones because this way you can kind of soak it in properly but that's just me.

I'm giving this a 9 out of 10 hands down because it's just such a beautiful song and it was done with such beauty and this almost fantastical elements that made it so colorful and alive.

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