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A Pop Toned R&B Single From Sonic Honey Is out

If you are a fan of pop music that combines R&B and classy vocal approaches, then let us introduce you to Sonic Honey.

The group just released a new single called "LMK" short for Let Me Know, and it feels like something that can pull you right into it from the start.

These women are able to put their voices together in a classic way and it makes everything have this particular energy.

This is a track that deserves to be all over the airwaves and it's pretty surprising that it isn't already although it has been making a lot of waves around the industry lately.

The song delivers from beginning to end and is bound together with hooks and vocals that melt into each other and become something that you want to hear more of as soon as the song is over.

This track comes in with a quick hook right at the start which definitely gets your attention and then settles down so that it can build up.

It was all very well put together and the performance on this is genuine all the way through.

It's no surprise this group has already performed memorably at SXSW and is already beginning to book more shows that will help propel them further.

And these girls deserve it because this track speaks mountains for what they can pull off.

I feel like they have that special something and definitely know how to write a great pop single as well.

But listen for yourself.

You can check this out on their Spotify and learn more about them on their Instagram or TikTok.

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