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A Pop-Rock Soiree from Gorilla Tuesday

A new EP release from Gorilla Tuesday brings out a lush array of pop rock and character-riddled soundscapes that, at times, blend into Americana, and more all with a wonderfully bright delivery that brings color with hints of edginess here and there.

The Sorry I Dropped Your Fortune Cookie EP is brimming with a sort of southern twanged guitar tone that lets the record bring out that classic Americana influence and the whole thing shines with a wonderful vivaciousness that comes through super honest, and hints at humor as well, so it feels very welcoming in its own way.

One of the things that I really adore about this record is its electric energy because it feels almost like a live performance as if all the players are feeding off of each other right there in the moment.

Perhaps this record was recorded live-on-the-floor to an extent, or perhaps not. Either way, listening to this record makes you want to see them live because if the energy is captured this well here, then seeing them live must be awesome.

That energy is a big part of what makes this record so addictive.

You definitely hear some rolling snares, righteous guitar riffs, and a charismatic and almost animated vocal approach that adds a little bit more drive to the already endlessly fun approach of the record.

You also get some great jazz undertones happening on the record as well and some almost math rock feeling licks at times but all in all, this is an indie pop rock soiree and it's a summer record because it feels warm and good to listen to.

I also really enjoyed the descriptive lyrical approach because it's something that lets you picture things in your head sometimes which is connective as well.

These guys have some crazy changes and progressions that are hidden around the corner like surprises and the whole album has a certain level of heart to it.

You can tell that this comes from a group of people who have a real love for their craft and when I say that I don't just mean playing guitar or drums or bass or singing, I mean writing songs and putting them together, releasing them into the world so other people can dance to them.

Believe me, these songs are all insanely danceable and infectious right from the get-go.

It is indeed that sort of character and persona that's given off that you get attached to and want more of as the record plays on and, you get plenty of it so it's very satiating in that sense.

The drumming on this record is absolutely stellar and gives everything that drive that helps the whole band push the envelope a little bit further. It's super in the pocket but it's also a little bit loose and wild but then again, so is the whole band.

It's very colorful and the band is not taking themselves overly seriously which makes everything fun.

Of course, the guitar work is also amazing but everything works wonderfully with this record, and each instrument and vocal, has a way of complimenting each other.

Again, this was indeed a sort of twangy pop-rock Soiree that is packed with charisma, electric energy, and a disability that you just don't want to let go.

Make sure that you listen to the whole EP which is only about 15 minutes long so don't tell me you don't have enough time, and this way you're getting everything that's meant to be soaked in and you can have a full grasp on the spectrum of what this EP has to actually offer.

Don't be afraid to turn it up.

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